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8 young Muslims arrested for entering places in Garba hiding their identity


For the first time in Madhya Pradesh, the state government has ordered organizers of Navratri Garba to allow entry only after verification of identity cards. In some places, “Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter” posters are also displayed outside the Garba pandals. In the past two days, 8 young Muslims have been arrested for entering Garba pandals hiding their identities. Young Muslims are accused of clicking photos and making obscene comments about Hindu girls.

As instructed by the state government, ID cards of participants are checked and Tilak is applied to the foreheads of those who are allowed to enter Ujjain. Posters have been placed outside Garba sites saying that non-Hindus are not allowed in the pandal, and volunteers are checking identity documents like driver’s license, Aadhaar card, etc. some participants. However, they are particularly strict about verifying the identity of single men and allow families to enter the place without verifying their identity. In Narmadaupuram, the organizers of Kesariya Garba Utsav imposed a dress code. Men can only enter in kurta-pajamas; women can enter in sari and salwar attire. People are not allowed to enter the room in jeans, pants and t-shirts. Single men are also not allowed to enter. Similarly, the identity of Garba participants is also verified in Bhopal.

On September 8, the Minister of State for Culture, Usha Thakur, declared that Garba Pandal had become the medium of Love Jihad. Thus, an entry to Garba Pandals will only be authorized after an identity check. She also claimed that Garba dance is a form of worship of Ma Bhagvati and that non-Hindus and especially those with malicious intentions to assault Hindu women will not be allowed to enter Garba pandals.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra told a press conference that “Navaratri is a festival of worshiping Ma Shakti and as Culture Minister Usha Thakur has said, it will be compulsory to show an identity card to enter the pandals of Garba, in order to avoid any unfortunate incident”.

At Nana Kheda in Ujjain, participants are only allowed to enter after showing identification and applying Tilak. ‘Seva Hi Sankalp Sanskritik Samiti’ put up posters with ‘Non-Hindus not allowed to enter’ written on them according to a report by Dainik Bhaskar.

The team was stationed outside the pandal at the main gate, according to committee chairman Bahadur Singh Rathore. Every move is closely monitored by the team. Only once the Aadhar card or other ID card has been verified is access granted. Yes, people traveling with families should have no problems, which is why admission is granted without inspection. The reason for doing this is to stop the aggression of the girls in Garba.

In Bhopal, collector Avinash Lavania asked Garba organizers to check identity cards before allowing access. Otherwise, legal action will be taken against the organizers.

A Muslim boy was captured by Bajrang Dal on Thursday night in the Palsikar Garba Pandal settlement in Indore. Imran Khan is accused of making obscene comments about the girls. He was handed over to the police after being beaten. He was taken to the police station by Raoji Bazar police.

On Wednesday, 7 young Muslims were arrested by Garba pandal police from Pandharinath in Indore. They allegedly made videos of Hindu girls. Bajrang activists demanded the names and identity documents of the suspected Muslim youths. The young Muslims initially pretended to be Hindus and even refused to show identification; but, after further investigation, after their real names were confirmed, they were handed over to the police. Under the articles of prohibition, a complaint was filed against young Muslims.

In Khandwa, Kesariya Garba Mahotsav organizer Ritesh Kapoor told Dainik Bhaskar “whether it is family or women, it is mandatory to show ID to enter Garba pandal”.