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After split, patrons of Gyanvapi plaintiffs Jitendra Singh Visen swap barbs | Varanasi News

Gyanvapi Mosque. (file image)

VARANASI: Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh chief Jitendra Singh Visenwho supports the main plaintiff Rakhi Singh in the Shringar Gauri worship case, accused the father-son duo Hari Shankar Jain and Vishnu Jain, who dispute the case of the other four female plaintiffs, to side with the Muslims in the case. The two were contesting the affair together, but separated in May.
Visen, who hired a separate team of attorneys to challenge case no. 693/2021 Rakhi Singh against UP government to demand worship rights for Shringar Gauri and other deities of Gyanvapi Mosque, made serious allegations about Vishnu Jain as he spoke to reporters here on Tuesday morning .
“Vishnu Jain is deeply associated with a lifetime member of an Indian Islamic culture center and plays as his puppet to weaken my movement,” Vishen said.
“Not only that, Vishnu Jain had submitted documents to plead the case of the other four plaintiffs in case no. 693/2021 to seek worship rights for Shringar Gauri and other deities of Gyanvapi Mosque despite being the permanent advocate for the government of Uttar Pradesh which is also one of the parties in this case, in the Supreme Court,” Visen said, saying lawyers for Anjuman Intejamia Masajid (AIM) will try to have the case dismissed on the same grounds.
“To foil this Jain conspiracy,” Visen said, “I filed a motion to inform the district judge of all these facts.”
When contacted, Vishnu Jain said, “Yes, I am the permanent counsel for the UP government in the supreme court. But the UP government gave me a no-objection certificate allowing me to pursue the case as an individual. I had produced the copy of this NOC in the District Court on Tuesday to clarify that there is no conflict of interest. Another fact should also be kept in mind that the UP government is certainly one of the parties in this matter but he does not seek any relief.
Regarding Visen’s other allegation of having an association with a member of the Islamic Culture Center of India, Vishnu Jain said: “In all my life, neither my father nor I have had any association with a non-Hindu organization.”
Jains and Visen had become active in Varanasi with the progress in case no. 693/2021, but differences between them had begun to surface with the start of the Judiciary Committee’s investigation into the Gyanvapi case after May 6, when Visen’s message to withdraw the case went viral on social networks. But, on May 9, Visen backtracked by announcing that the Shringar Gauri cult case would not be withdrawn.
At the end of May, Visen and Jains went their separate ways. On July 4, Visen announced that a new team of lawyers would challenge the case of Rakhi Singh, Plaintiff-I.
Vishnu Jain said that this decision by Visen had no impact on this case as he and his father continued to dispute the case of four Varanasi-based plaintiffs – numbers 2 to 5 (Laxmi Devi, Sita Sahu, Manju Vyas and Rekha Pathak.
On Monday, the Jain-led group also announced the formation of ‘Shri Asdi Mahadev Kashi Dharmalaya Mukti Nyas (trust). Jain said the trust was formed to challenge all lawsuits related to Gyanvapi, which currently number six, in an organized manner.


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