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an emancipator of our time worthy of emulation -By Muhammad Umar Shehu


If there’s ever been a time for the current generation to sit down and learn to stand out, it’s now.

As the realities of life continue to unfold, our future leaders are therefore expected to learn from the leaps and bounds of Mr. Chafi John, whose name is a household name not only among his friends and colleagues, but a name to be identified in all ramifications of life.

Chafi John has always been a consistent achiever, an excellent business elite and also a shining star in the transportation industry. And even to this day, the name to recognize when talking about excellent and wonderful transportation is CJ International.

No wonder he was consistently top business icon during his service at Bilgh Global Resources. in all the levels of companies that he found himself, he always outright beat his buddies and colleagues.

With these many excellent performances, the young people of our time are called to draw from the attitude of Mr. Chafi John the wealth of his experience in others to also write their names in the golden sands of time.

The best achievements in life are when the general public makes fun of one’s services or accomplishments in his task and works for the people around him, despite the fact that the celebrants continue to perform his task to the public.

Some people are naturally life support, with a positive spirit to help others and conscientious to uplift people known and unknown; all of these qualities cannot be found in anyone but Chafi John, who was a superhuman business tycoon, transporter and industrious person.

Orphans are also not left behind in the life improvement program of industrialist Chafi John, it can also be seen in reality that he has given many aids to orphans so that they can go to good schools and get a quality education that would equip them to be exceptionally good like him.

With this giant leap of the emancipator of our times, it is believed that in a few years to come, there will be no more social ills in our community and state because Chafi John has driven out and annihilated both poverty and ignorance in the minds of our young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Muhammad Umar Shehu

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