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An introduction to Islamic beliefs


The book begins with a question that whether man was made for the world or vice versa, it adds beauty to the introduction and makes the reader think for a while without turning the page of the book itself. Maulana had rightly responded to the same thing in different ways to make our awareness aware of life events. As we are all known to be alive, the question is why are we here and why without our own will we have returned to the place of origin. If so, why were we sent to face atrocities and hardships without any benefit? The same question will arise in our minds whenever we feel helpless in this way. But to understand God’s plan of creation, one must first know life which itself is a blessing and going back is more than that. Let us be on the neutral side of worldly life and the hereafter. If there won’t be a superpower to control anything, don’t you think things won’t work? Yes, because until we surrender to the Creator, the entire universe will be a fantasy.

As we all know, we live in an age of observational phenomenon, that without observing things through our senses, we cannot trust it. Terms like heaven, afterlife, hell, angels and other things are not visible to the naked eye, it becomes impossible to believe. But remember that human life is eternal, but God has divided it into two phases, one life here on earth (Before death) and the second life after death (After death). Why God created such a phenomenon is everything to test his believers if they will fit the criteria for goodness to enter the second phase of life where immortality is guaranteed. Human desires are innumerable and unsatisfied in the first phase of life, for this world is only a testing room, you must be obedient to the superpower no matter what position you occupy in this world.

So the book begins with God’s plan of creation and without being familiar with “SELF” no one will be able to become familiar with that same plan of creation. The man of this world is a unique creation. The plan of creation provides that man must pass a period of trial in this present imperfect world and after that, according to his acts, he will come into the right to inhabit the perfect and eternal world, another name of which is Paradise. .

Now coming to the era of the present formidable development in human realms, negative and unfavorable conditions still prevail there, but due to the absence of God’s plan of creation, we easily give up and respond negatively to situations and we prove that we are wrong in the sight of God to be failures in the examination which he has fixed for us. We must know that this life is only transitory. We were sent for a cause which was mentioned in the holy scriptures.

Now let’s move on to the most important topic “DEATH”. Everyone, whether religious or not, believes that one day death will overcome us. But at the final stage of this first phase of life, we are still tied to questions like what will happen to my children after I die? Who will take care of the family, and so on, regardless of the upcoming trip. It is all simply due to the feeling of no responsibility and low belief in the second phase of life. If only we realize that when we are buried we are in fact introduced into another world, we would be more worried about ourselves than the children. All because we are not serious about the afterlife. We think that when we die we just turn to dust, and how can we be resurrected? Second, the afterlife is not visible to us.

If we look at the physical body it is made up of tiny particles called cells and these cells are continuously destroyed in our daily life, but by taking food we replenish them. We can see in 10 years that our body cells are completely new and the old ones have been destroyed. We “ourselves” always remain the same, indicating that the other parts are immortal and that is the soul.

The last part of this amazing book is about “GOD-ORIENTED LIFE” and it is inasmuch as the earth is oriented towards the sun and remains subordinate it will live and this is the case with humans, we have to revolve around them. teachings of God and must meditate on the universe to find the symbols of the superpower Almighty God to strengthen our belief and work for the second phase of life to achieve the eternal quality of being obedient to Allah. Submission to God is the only way of life for humans and the universe.

Faheem ul Islam pursues Honors BA in Political Science at Aligarh Muslim University

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