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Avoid Injustice, Muhammad, Bauchi State Guber Aspirant Warns Party Leadership


By Paul Orude Bauchi

Alameen Sani Muhammad, an aspiring governor of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Bauchi State, has warned the organizers of the party’s national convention being held in Abuja against injustice and treatment unfairness of delegates and aspirants, saying the Convention is a litmus test for the 2023 general election.

Muhammad gave the warning in a goodwill message he made available to reporters in Bauchi on Friday.

“They must bear in mind that the only clues to success are fairness and justice and that it would be too dangerous to turn the other side of this harsh reality at this time,” he said. warned.

“I call on all candidates for various executive positions in our great party to be very orderly and law-abiding, which is expected of the civilized, educated and highly enlightened person everywhere.

“I call on the ultimate victors to be magnanimous in victory and to lead inclusive governance that will carry everyone along.

“Let the loser be good losers who will accept defeat for good and for good. Let us know that in all healthy and fair competitions, there must be winners and losers.

He also called on Convention managers and all APC leaders to provide an enabling environment and healthy ground for all competitors.

“That no competitor be intimidated or have reason to feel intimidated,” he advised.

“Party leaders should not lose sight that this Convention is a litmus test for the outcome of the upcoming general elections in 2023.

“I pray that the convention will produce people of unquestionable character, people of high nobility and integrity.

“Those who will ultimately be arbiters who will produce true leaders who have the nation at heart and truly appreciate the plight of the poor.

“Those who will tackle the quagmire of the nation.

“These leaders who will confront, head on, the harsh reality of the unprecedented insecurity that is gripping the Nation and will uproot the harsh reality of the incongruous poverty, economic hardship and social contempt that have gripped the nation! This country is divided and broken like never before. It really needs selfless leaders who will fire and replace those brazen thieves who have perpetrated corruption in high places. Those who will replace those navigators in deception. Those who have perfected nepotism and patronage in governance. Our country is on the precipice!This country needs to be saved and now.We all MUST know that Nigerians are no longer those of the years 2014/2019 who were gullible and oblivious.We have a more enlightened mass who are ready more than ever to herd up all these government vagabonds. We all MUST wake up.”