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BJP gained power by pitting Hindus against Muslims: Lalu


Rashtriya Janata Dal chairman Lalu Prasad on Tuesday launched a vitriolic attack on the BJP, which he accused of pitting Hindus against Muslims (Ram aur Rahim ke gang), and likened it to a beast that has “tasted blood”.

Addressing party workers here via video conference, Prasad, who has been in Delhi since his release from prison a few months ago, also expressed “strong condemnation” for the incidents in Uttar’s Lakhimpur Kheri district. Pradesh, run by the BJP, where a car is believed to belong to a Union minister’s son plowed into a bustling farm crowd.

The former Union minister, who had been an MP for many terms before being banned from running for office in 2013, also lamented the lack of unity in the opposition and said the BJP could be vanquished if all the opposing parties could keep their herds together. .

Prasad, who had to resign from his post as chief minister of Bihar in 1997 due to the indictment filed against him for the fodder scam, also predicted an “early fall” of the government of Nitish Kumar, who returned to power in the legislative elections last year. .

The outspoken leader of the OBC, a mascot of pro-Mandal politics, also expressed outrage at the Center submitting to the Supreme Court that it would not be able to list the numerically powerful social group though. that Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested otherwise during a meeting with a multi-party delegation from Bihar, led by Kumar and including Prasad’s son and alleged heir Tejashwi Yadav. He asserted that the BJP despised affirmative action and said: “We will fight and ensure that the caste census is undertaken and that policies are formulated taking into account the population of the different castes.”

The septuagenarian also appeared to put an end to the controversy sparked by his eldest son Tej Pratap Yadav’s declamation that the RJD supremo was “being held captive in Delhi and prevented from traveling to Bihar,” explosions from the Mercurial Chief aimed at his younger, but more powerful brother, Tejashwi. Prasad told the Patna rally, where Tejashwi was present, “I will come to Bihar soon.

Almost every day I keep asking my doctor here when can I go. I have a serious kidney problem and have been advised to limit my daily water intake to one liter. But my health is improving and I look forward to being with you soon. ”“ The country is reeling from unemployment and soaring prices. But the BJP has no interest in resolving these issues. He tasted blood, (munh khoon lag gaya hai) having come to power by pitting Ram and Rahim’s supporters against each other, ”said Prasad. He also reaffirmed his commitment to secularism, reminding the people of the arrest of the leader of the BJP LK. Advani when the Ram Rath Yatra was crossing the state.

Prasad, whose party recently snubbed Congress, its ally in Bihar, by running its candidates for the two seats in the assembly elected when the latter wanted to challenge one of them, also made a sarcastic remark about the “High command culture” which prevails in the national party opposing it to its style of operation. “During the elections, candidates from other parties, including Congress, were waiting for permission from the high command for their tickets to be finalized. I used to put my signature sitting under a tree,” the official said. RJD supremo, known for his earthy ways.

He also gave the audience a taste of his characteristic humor, adored and hated by different groups of people in equal measure, when he recounted his sponsorship to Bhola Ram Toofani, a Dalit leader of humble origin, that he had made minister and lent his helicopter to have toured his constituency. Taking blows at his big rival Nitish Kumar, Prasad recalled the former’s vehement request for special category status to the state and wondered why he was with the BJP who had shown their contempt for the pending request. for a long time.

“Our party did very well under Tejashwi’s leadership in the assembly polls. It emerged as the largest party, although the NDA obtained a majority by manipulating the results into hotly contested seats. ….. There is not a lot of cohesion in the alliance in power in the state. I tell you, this government will fall well before the end of its mandate “, declared Prasad, who spoke during almost half an hour.

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