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Conflict with Prophet Muhammad: Nupur Sharma offers new plea to SC for protection from arrest


The Supreme Court will hear a plea from former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on Tuesday seeking a stay of her arrests in connection with nine FIRs filed against her in police stations across the country for her remarks against the Prophet Muhammad. on a TV channel. Her plea is listed to be heard by the same bench of Justices Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala, who had made damning submissions against her while denying her relief on July 1. The bench had held her singularly “responsible for what is happening in the country”. .”

After withdrawing her plea, Sharma filed a new motion requesting that all FIRs go to Delhi, while citing that death and rape threats have increased against her after SC’s remarks. She also asked for the extinction of the scathing statement made by the same bench on July 1.

In her new petition, Sharma pointed out that the Kolkata police issued a “watch circular” against her a day after the higher court’s observations. She also cited several threats from West Bengal “after a statement on this matter was made by the Chief Minister”, and claimed that it would be “completely dangerous for her to go to West Bengal and seize the state courts”.

While rejecting her call to bludgeon all FIRs and move them to Delhi, the holiday bench had said, “What is her job to make these remarks?… The way she has sparked emotions across the country… This lady is solely responsible for what is happening in the country. »

The top court also held Sharma responsible for the gruesome beheading of a Udaipur tailor for expressing support for him in the dispute over his comments against the Prophet. “She actually has a loose tongue and has made all kinds of irresponsible statements on TV and set the whole country on fire. Yet she claims to be a 10-year-old lawyer. She should have immediately apologized for her comments to the whole country,” observed the holiday bench of Judges Pardiwala and Kant.

The remarks have since been criticized by several former judges and bureaucrats who issued a statement and alleged that the bench had “crossed the Lakshman Rekha”.