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Congress ally in Kerala, the IUML finds itself in difficulty after its leader’s controversy – The New Indian Express


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CHENNAI: The controversial remarks made by a leader of the Muslim League of Indian Union (IUML) in Kozhikode against PWD PA Minister Muhammad Riyas and his wife Veena T, who is also the daughter of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, during of the Waqf’s protective rally on Thursday sparked a storm.

IUML Secretary of State Abdurahiman Kallayi searched Riyas, without naming him, saying the former head of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) was now a newlywed . He went on to add, “Who is his wife. Is this marriage? It’s prostitution. You have to have the courage to say that,” he said, referring to Riyas and Veena.

Video of the rally shows IUML executives waving slogans against CM Vijayan which contains caste elements.

The CPI (M) Kozhikode secretariat released a statement that Muslim League leaders and cadres were trying to start a community frenzy by launching caste slogans, verbally insulting Riyas and his family, and making death threats against Pinarayi Vijayan and KT Jaleel. The statement also calls for action to be taken against those responsible for the incidents.

DYFI condemned the remarks made by the leader of the IUML, they qualified his statements as “uncivilized and shameful” for the cultural heritage of Kerala. DYFI’s State Secretariat said in a statement that the opinion expressed by IUML leaders was not appropriate for modern Kerala.

With his remarks criticized and debated, Abdurahiman Kallayi expressed “unconditional regret” and added that he had to refer to the religious perspective on personal life and had no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings.

CM Pinarayi Vijayan at the inauguration of the CPI (M) district meeting in Kannur attacked the Muslim league. He asked the League to clarify whether it is a political party or a religious organization. Vijayan said the government has spoken to community leaders regarding the Waqf’s issues and that community organizations are quite confident with the assurances the government has given. it can, wouldn’t be a problem, “CM said.

CPI (M) Secretary of State Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said “the league is not growing, it is falling apart”. he also said League was trying to trigger panic using the Waqf’s nomination questions. He criticized the fact that the Muslim League is ruled by the ideologies of Jamaat-e-Islami.