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Defendant Naeem had harassed and attempted to convert another local Hindu girl


Following the murder of a 15-year-old Hindu girl, Ankita Kumari, by a Muslim named Shahrukh, new revelations are being made every day. It is now reported that the second defendant in the case, identified as Mohammed Naeem, was linked to a group engaging in Grooming Jihad.

Lawyer Priya Dutt told Hindi daily Dainik Jagran that there is an organization active in Dumka which allegedly targets Hindu girls. Muslim men linked to the group trick young Hindu girls into love affairs and convert them to Islam on the pretext of marriage and happy life. Lawyer Dutt lives in the same area.

An underage Hindu girl who was harassed and stalked by Naeem has come forward to tell her shocking story. The girl is a resident of the Kepatpada region in Dumka. She said that in 2021, when she used to go coaching, Naeem not only sexually assaulted her but also threatened her that if she refused his advances, he would harm her family. She further added that he continued to force her to give him her phone number.

The girl further stated that she was once forcibly taken by Naeem to an unknown location. He took her to a room and imprisoned her. During this time, he pressured her to convert and marry. When she refused, he threatened to kill her and said he would sell her to his brother, who lives in Dubai.

Later, her family members filed a complaint against Naeem at Dumka Nagar Police Station, who rescued the girl and filed a complaint under POCSO law. He was sent to jail but was later released on bail. His family members threatened his parents to withdraw the complaint filed against Naeem. She said, “Since my family learned that Naeem was involved in the case, we are all scared.”

It should be noted that after Naeem’s arrest, the investigator in charge of the case said that Naeem was heavily influenced by a banned Islamic jihadist organization from Bangladesh named Ansar-ul-Bangla.

Apparently, Naeem supported the main defendant Shahrukh at every step of his harassment of the now deceased Ankita. During Naeem’s interrogation, he confessed that Shahrukh was his best friend and that they both met on the evening of August 22 (hours before the attack). He said Shahrukh was upset as Ankita was not responding positively to his (Shahrukh) friendship.

“Shahrukh told me he would burn Ankita if she refused to talk to him,” Naeem said during the interrogation. He further confessed that he supported Shahrukh’s idea saying it was the only punishment she deserved. Ankita was burned to death on August 23 at 4 a.m. while sleeping soundly in her bedroom. The duo threw gasoline into her bedroom through a window and set it on fire.

Ankita Kumari Murder Case

On August 23, Ankita Kumari was set on fire by her stalker neighbor identified as Shahrukh Hussain and his friend Naeem in Dumka, Jharkhand. She died in hospital while receiving treatment for her injuries on August 28.