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Delhi HC refuses to ban Wasim Rizvi’s book “Muhammad”, asks to destroy all copies, sold and unsold: Details


The Delhi High Court has rejected a plea which called for the banning of the book written by Wasim Rizvi, Muhammad, claiming that the book contained remarks against Islam, the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad. The complaint was lodged by Qamar Hasnain who also sought damages worth Rs 2,05,000,000 to prevent Rizvi from committing such acts in the future.

The lawsuit had sought a permanent injunction against the book, demanding that all copies of the book, sold and unsold, be destroyed. The plea had also called for the printed books to be recalled. The lawsuit, seeking a permanent injunction to prevent Waseem Rizvi from making such provocative statements or posting them on any platform, was dismissed by the single judge bench of Judge Sanjeev Narula.

The petitioner had approach the Delhi High Court on behalf of all practitioners of Islam and asserted that the book was not only offensive to practitioners of Islam, but was also offensive, hateful and distressing to any other casual reader. The court ruled that “in the absence of disclosure of a violation of any legal right, the plaintiff’s prayer seeking an injunction and damages for being offended or harmed by the contents of a book – which would be prejudicial to his religious feelings – would not give him the right to apply to this tribunal through this action ”.

“For such prosecutions, among other requirements provided for in article 91 of the CPC (Code of Civil Procedure), a prosecution, if it is not filed by the Advocate General, must be filed by two or more persons with the ‘court authorization’, the judge elucidated.

“Under this provision, a party may be able to go to court for an unlawful act which by its nature tends to cause harm to the general public. However, for representative action, it is essential to rely on such provisions of the law. None of these pleadings were found in this case, ”noted the court.

It is important to note that although the court dismissed the case because it was of the opinion that the petitioner did not have a legal right to bring this case to court, the court clarified that it did not had not commented on the merits of the case in this judgment.

Wasim Rizvi becomes Jitendra Narayan Swami

Wasim Rizvi, former head of the Shiite Waqf board of directors returned to Hinduism by renouncing Islam in December 2021. He has been a frequent target of fundamentalists because of his statements. He converted to Hinduism in the presence of Mahant Yati Narasinghan and Giri at Dasna Devi temple in Ghaziabad. Rizvi was welcomed back into the faith of his ancestors in a series of rituals, after which he was named Jitendra Narayan Swami.

Recently, Rizvi launched his book ‘Muhammad‘ in the presence of Dasna Mahant. After that, the head of AIMIM, Asaduddin Owaisi, himself filed a complaint against him. In his complaint, Owaisi alleged that Rizvi wrote the book to hurt the feelings of the Muslim community. Previously, Rizvi had made headlines when he filed a DIP to remove 26 verses from the Quran, claiming that these verses encouraged terrorism. As head of the Shiite Waqf board, Rizvi had supported the Ram Mandir struggle in Ram Janmabhoomi, Ayodhya.