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EastEnders spoilers: hate attack on Islam, Stacey’s peril, Gray caught red-handed


EastEnders spoilers next week

Conflict and hatred in Walford (Photo: BBC)

Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russel) and Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith) are closer than ever at EastEnders, but over a family lunch, Aaron (Charlie Wernham) makes his fanaticism towards Bobby’s Muslim faith clear.

Elsewhere, Gray Atkins (Toby Alexander Smith) is keeping Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) in the dark about her situation, but could Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) blow it all up?

EastEnders spoilers next week

say dana

Dana wants to invite Bobby over for lunch but Aaron tells her not to. Later, Dana asks her father why Bobby can’t come and Harvey explains that he’s too sweet to be with Aaron. Bobby surprises and opens up to Iqra about Dana and her sanity. Iqra advises Dana to play hardball with her family so that Dana confront Harvey – Bobby comes to lunch or she won’t. Harvey agrees and tells him that he will talk to Aaron.

Still worried about their situation, Stacey asks Kheerat to talk to Suki but is interrupted by a phone call and panics. She finds Eve drunk at the cafe, attacking Suki as Eve reveals that she is meeting her probation officer. Stacey brings Eve home, desperate to sober her up. When the probation officer arrives, Jean covers her. Suki and Kheerat appear as the probation officer leaves. Kheerat is angry that Eve attacked her mother and Suki tells the Slaters that they have to leave by the end of the week. Stacey begs Kheerat to do something.

a new slater for phil

Jean tells Eve that she can stay with the Slaters for as long as she wants, even though they don’t have a place to live. Phil returns from Portugal to chaos. Kat asks him if the Slaters can live with him but he says no. Jean hears and tells Kat that she’s a good person but that they couldn’t ruin her relationship. Later, Jean has a word with Phil: don’t let Kat choose between him and his family. Stacey bumps into Kheerat and asks for another drink. Angry after everything that happened

Kheerat says he’s not interested but it’s clear he’s having a hard time resisting her.

It’s embarrassing because everyone arrives at Harvey’s for lunch and Aaron is annoyed that Bobby is there. Lunch gets tense when Aaron asks Bobby about his religion, but Bobby is prepared and responds well. Something is wrong with Harvey when Aaron insists on taking out the trash, he investigates and finds Aaron’s bloody shirt

mia culpa

Chelsea is furious that Gray has moved her in without her knowing, but she softens when she sees that he bought her an engagement ring.

Chelsea later receives a call from Gray to pick up a sick Mia from school. Whitney appears and congratulates her on her engagement, but adds that she hopes she has given it some thought. Chelsea promise she’s happy with the decision. She asks Whitney to help her with Mia. As they both take care of her, it’s clear Chelsea is unnatural as she struggles when Mia is sick. Whitney calls Gray’s job to let her know, but is shocked when told that he no longer works there.

Harvey demands answers from Aaron. Aaron tells his father it was just a fight but he lied to the police to say he was with him the night before. Harvey is in conflict as Aaron asks him to be his alibi. Later at the cab office, the police appear to be asking Harvey questions about Aaron’s whereabouts the other night.


At the taxi office, Kat shows off her new ceramic leopard but when she leaves, Jean accidentally breaks it. Harvey and Vinny help Jean fix it. Sparks fly between Harvey and Jean, but when Aaron appears and makes a comment about their meeting, Harvey feels uncomfortable. Harvey and Jean bring the leopard to its rightful place. Harvey invites Jean out.

Chelsea and Gray discuss childcare with Gray to convince Chelsea to take care of Mia today. Whitney, now knowing Gray’s secret, listens and asks Gray for the money she owes and he tells her it should be sorted out by next week. At the market, Chelsea suggests that she and Mia go shopping using Gray’s credit card. While Whitney watches, Tiffany advises her to be 100% sure before confronting Gray for lying about losing her job. Later, Gray is working at the hamburger bar when he gets a call from Whitney, he lies about her whereabouts but she can tell where he is. Whitney intercepts Mia and Chelsea as they arrive to do their home shopping. She doesn’t know if she should tell Chelsea the truth about Gray.

Dotty is stressed about her mother’s safety, so Sonia offers her money to help her. Dotty runs into Rocky and tries to persuade him to come back with Kathy to get more money from Peter.

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