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Evangelization of NPA staff shows willingness to Christianize Nigeria – Islamic group


Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, alleged on Monday that some staff at the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, were trying to turn the organization into a Christian crusade camp.

MURIC alleged that some senior NPA officials generally distributed Christian literature as farewell gifts to official visitors to the facility.

The organization said such an act was part of the evidence to Christianize Nigeria.

In a statement by its director, Ishaq Akintola, MURIC urged the NPA authority to investigate such acts.

Akintola said it was unethical for NPA staff to use the facility for evangelism.

The statement reads: “The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) now has a habit of giving Christian literature as a gift to its visitors. A group of people who recently visited the port were told they had to wait for freebies after entering their data to get a port pass ID card. To their surprise, the same NPA personnel who captured them gave them copies of Pastor Chris’ Rapsody.

“This is absolutely unhealthy, unethical and highly demeaning. Who owns these gifts and on whose behalf are they distributed to visitors? NPA is now used for Christian evangelism. It portrays NPA staff. like an idle and not very serious group. How can a federal facility be used to promote a religion? This is an attack on our sensibilities. It is unacceptable. “

“It is unthinkable that the same people who file complaints against Islamization are bent on Christianizing Nigeria. But while we cannot find concrete evidence of Islamization, there is several evidence of Christianization and what is happening in the NPA is one of them.

“We had reason to complain to the Ikoyi Immigration Office some time ago. Visitors are forced to participate or watch helplessly as the staff do morning Christian devotion in the same place that those who have come for international travel documents are seated.

“It pushes religious practice and proselytizing to ridiculous heights. He smiles in despair. But why? What is desperation about? It is also a manifestation of a lack of sensitivity to the feelings of people of other faiths. Morning devotion should not be performed during official times and when official functions are being performed. Is that what workers are paid for? Religious literature of any denomination should not be distributed by workers either.

“MURIC demands an investigation into these unhealthy practices. NPA authorities should take immediate action to end the distribution of Christian literature to unsuspecting members of the public. NPA is a federal facility, not a Christian crusade camp.


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