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‘Follow me’: Iranian Muslim sees Jesus in vision and leaves Islam for Christianity


An ex-Muslim from Tehran, Iran, who immigrated to the United States as a child, recently revealed how a vision of Jesus led her out of a life of chaos and pain and into a relationship with the Lord.

Nikta, who did not share her last name for privacy reasons, told the Christian Post about her upbringing and how she eventually became rebellious, despite growing up in a staunchly Islamic home.

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After immigrating to America, Nikta began to indulge in alcohol and cigarettes at a young age.

Later, trauma compounded her issues and she found herself involved in New Age practices such as crystals, experiencing suicidal thoughts and emotional pain along the way.

The pivotal moment for Nikta came when her mother convinced her and her sister to go to Iran one summer, her mother believing the trip would help her daughter’s ailing heart.

“I don’t want to go,” recalls Nikta tell his mother. “I really didn’t want to go.”

But she went on a trip – and that’s when she said God showed up in a fascinating way, turning her religious life upside down and drawing her to the Christian faith.

Nikta told the Christian Post she had a vision of Jesus as she lay in a room at her aunt’s house in Iran. In this one, Jesus had long black hair and wore a blue robe. He was inside a church with stained glass windows.

“He looked at me, and he was like, ‘Follow me,'” Nikta said. “I couldn’t hear him audibly say ‘Follow me’, but I know he said that.”

The moment had a profound impact on Nikta, who went to Google to search for images of Jesus Christ and was stunned to find one that looked exactly like what she had seen in her vision. Suddenly, Nikta’s mind wavered. She texted her boyfriend, a Christian, and he offered to take her to church when she got home.

After returning home, Nikta immersed herself in the Christian faith and was baptized. Her family were not happy with her decision, with some members questioning why she would leave Islam.

At one point, she said her father scolded her, pushed her and started stomping on her head, as reported by The Christian Post. He, like his mother, was angry at his conversion.

“He was like, ‘You’re worth nothing. Who do you think you are? Because you follow Jesus, you think you’re so special”, Nikta said, noting that she eventually reconciled with her family. “They kept finding ways to contact me. I remember God speaking to me the next day about all the abuse, and he told me to forgive them.

She is now married to the aforementioned Christian boyfriend and has one child. You can read more of his story here.

As Faithwire reported, many Muslims proclaimed that Jesus appeared to them in a dream before they converted to Christianity.

In 2019 we covered the story of a Muslim who planned to kill his Christian cousin before Jesus appeared in a dream. And the late apologist Nabeel Qureshi often explained how spiritual visions and dreams led him to accept Jesus.

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