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Former UP Shia Board Chairman Waseem Rizvi called Islam a “terrorist group”; embraces the religion of Sanatan


The controversial former chairman of the Shiite Waqf board in Uttar Pradesh, Waseem Rizvi, has embraced the Hindu religion of Sanatan by abandoning Islam.

On Monday, another controversial Swami Yati Narshiman and Saraswati converted Waseem Rizvi to Hinduism in a ceremony at the Dasana temple in Ghaziabad. Shortly after adopting the Sanatan Hindu religion, Swami Yati Narshimanand gave Waseem Rizvi a new Harvir Narayan Tyagi name.

Waseem Rizvi had sparked controversy after calling for the removal of 26 verses from the Islamic holy book of the Quran. He even filed a petition in this regard with the Supreme Court demanding a modification of the Koran. The Supreme Court, while rejecting his request, fined him Rs 50,000. Since then, he has been the target of members of his own community, including Shiite and Sunni clerics.

After his conversion, Waseem attacked the Islamic religion and its clerics. He said after reading about Islam started by Mohammad Saheb, he came to his knowledge that it is a terrorist group instead of a religion. Reject Islam as a Religion Waseem said he was ousted from it and therefore decided to adopt Sanatan Dharma, which is the first religion in the world with many human qualities and values. Swami Yati Narshimanand said he was with Waseem Rizvi and incorporated him into the Tyagi community. Waseem is closely associated with Swami Yati Narshimanand. Swami Yati Narshimanand also published the controversial book named Mohammad written by Waseem.

We can mention that Waseem Rizvi had made a prior announcement of his adoption of the Sanatan religion by leaving Islam. A few days ago, he had made a will also making a certain announcement concerning his last rites. In the will, Waseem said his body would be cremated in accordance with Hindu tradition and that no Islamic rituals would be performed after death. Rizvi said there were some people after his life who threatened not to let his body be buried anywhere. After such threats, he announced to adopt the Sanatan religion.

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Posted on: Monday December 06, 2021 15:25 IST