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“He was a Hindu, he died a Hindu”


Did Kishore Kumar convert to Islam to marry Madhubala? The late actress’s sister sets the record straight

Bollywood stars Madhubala and Kishore Kumar married in 1960.e Mughal-E-Azam The actress’s private life has always been talked about in the tabloids, and her marriage to Kumar has also remained in the news. At the time, rumors claimed that the playback singer had changed his religion to marry her. However, Madhubala’s sister Madhur Bhushan finally set the record straight.

Bhushan, who is working on her sister’s biopic, clarified that Kishore Kumar never converted to Islam. While talking about her father’s negative image in a recent interview, Madhubala’s younger sister said he was never against the actress and Kumar’s marriage.

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Responding to the rumours, she said Estimates“He did not oppose Madhu apa’s marriage to Kishore Kumar. In fact, Madhu apa had vomited blood and doctors in Bombay diagnosed him with a heart murmur. They suggested he go to London to get a proper diagnosis and he This is where the hole in his heart was found.Nevertheless, when Kishore bhaiya was supposed to take Madhu apa to London, my father suggested that they get married after the London visitation and diagnosis. But Kishore bhaiya and Madhu apa insisted on getting married first.”

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Speaking about the speculation around Kishore Kumar’s religion, she added, “Many people say that Kishore Kumar converted to Islam to marry Madhu apa, but that is not true. He was a Hindu and he is deceased Hindu. None of the husbands who married in our family have changed their religion.”

Madhubala and Kishore Kumar were married for nine years until the actress’ tragic death in 1969.