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How Islamists are now abandoning any pretense of being ‘moderate’


The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has carried out several raids on sites linked to the Islamist organization People’s Front of India (PFI) in several states, including Bihar, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana, between September 21 and September 22.

The agency detained 106 executives across the country, including senior officials of the organization. According to sources, the searches were carried out by combined teams of the NIA, the Directorate of Law Enforcement (ED), the relevant State Police and the Union Home Office were monitoring the actions. organisation.

Since then, several revelations have come to light by investigative agencies, including how PFI was encouraging young Muslims to join terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and how they were setting up training centers to plan an attack on PM Modi during one of his rallies in Bihar and their chilling plans to convert India into an Islamic nation. The PFI, for its part, staged violent protests in several parts of the country. Cars were set on fire, public property vandalized and RSS and BJP officers were also targeted by PFI Islamists.

Amid the ongoing crackdown on the radical Islamist group, several Muslim “intellectuals” have spoken out in favor of the PFI. One of the Islamists’ leading defenders, Washington Post columnist Rana Ayyub, tweeted vehemently in a bid to draw false equivalences and defend the PFI’s plan to transform India into an Islamic nation.

Sharing the news of the NIA and ED revelations about the PFI wanting to turn India into an Islamic nation, Rana Ayyub tweeted: “As right-wing bigots in the presence of cops and cameras take their oath in the capital to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra”.

Essentially what Rana Ayyub meant is that if Hindus have the right to transform India into a Hindu Rashtra, then Muslims should essentially have the same right to transform India into an Islamic nation. While Rana Ayyub constantly complains about Hindus, Hindutva and Hindu nationalism, she tacitly ended up defending the PFI in its attempt to transform India into an Islamic nation.

What Rana Ayyub seems to have forgotten is that the Islamists have already torn India in two to carve out a Muslim nation. India, a civilizational Hindu land, is already Hindu Rashtra by this measure. Muslims had, at that time, claimed a nation of Islam because of the two-nation theory, essentially saying that the fact that Muslims follow Islam means that they are a nation in their own right and therefore cannot not coexist with the Hindus in India. Due to the complacency of the Muslim community at that time, they succeeded in demanding and creating an Islamic nation out of India.

In fact, after partition, several leaders were in favor of complete population exchange, including leaders like BR Ambedkar. In his book on partition, Ambedkar clearly explains how and why he was in favor of a complete population exchange between India and Pakistan, which would essentially mean that all Hindus and other religious factions other than Muslims would return to India and all Muslims in India. would go to Pakistan. In fact, he had even written a basic framework for how problems arising from a full population exchange could be handled.

Sardar Patel had, even after partition, talked a lot about how Muslims helped create Pakistan. His famous quote from his speech in Kolkata, 1948, testifies to this. He said: “Most of the Muslims who remained in Hindustan helped to create Pakistan. Now I don’t understand what changed in one night when they asked us not to doubt their loyalty.

In 1950, an agreement was signed between Nehru and Liaquat Ali Khan where each party pledged to secure their minorities and give equal citizenship regardless of religion. Both sides promised to help recover looted property, help recover abducted women, and not recognize conversions made during communal unrest.

Essentially, Jawaharlal Nehru scuttled the de facto population exchange with the 1950 Agreement. After the Agreement was signed, the Muslims, who had left West Bengal, returned and Nehru ensured that their property was returned to them. be returned. However, the travesties heaped on Hindus continue to this day, unabated in Islamic nations like Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Since the Muslims of that time got Pakistan, the land of Islam, for themselves and only Nehru scuttled the population exchange, India, by all accounts, is already a Hindu civilizational state – one can certainly choose to call it a Hindu Rashtra. – a natural home for Hindus with an inherently Hindu consciousness. Therefore, it is foolish to compare Hindus calling India “Hindu Rashtra” with PFI wanting to transform India into an Islamic nation. In fact, if we want an example of what an Islamic nation really looks like since the PFI wants to establish an Islamic constitution according to their Vision 2047 document, just look to Afghanistan and its state after its takeover by the Taliban .

Moreover, PFI does not only talk about converting India into an Islamic nation, but has also talked extensively about the genocide of Hindus. Besides the various murders in which PFI cadres have been charged, they released a Vision 2047 document, in which they talk about giving weapons training to Muslim cadres and murdering Hindus who oppose their cause.

In defending PFI’s plan to transform India into an Islamic nation, Rana Ayyub is tacitly extending her support for PFI’s genocidal plans – whether she does so knowingly or unknowingly, we leave it to the readers to decide.

There were other Islamists who also defended the PFI. One of them being Sharjeel Usmani.

“Only Muslim organizations have condemned the state-led witch hunt against the PFI. Mainly because Muslim organizations understand how easily they can be linked to terrorism. The ease is only because people believe it long before the allegations are even made,” Usmani tweeted.

Calling the crackdown on the PFI a “witch hunt,” Usmani essentially said that Muslim organizations are branded as “terrorist organizations” even before terrorism allegations are made. Essentially, Usmani raised doubts about the veracity of the investigation into PFI’s involvement in terrorist activities and reinforced the victim’s narrative that they were targeted simply because it was a Muslim organization. .

PFI’s track record is several miles long and there is no argument that PFI has been involved in Islamic violence, and even terrorist activities. For Usmani to insinuate that the allegations are incorrect simply stems from his deep hatred for Hindus and his support for Islamic action against the Kafirs as proven earlier.

After publicly endorsing the secessionist ideology of Sharjeel Imam, who urged Muslims to cut off northeast India from the rest of the country by blockading the Chicken’s Neck, Newslaundry columnist and Islamist Sharjeel Usmani glorified the Islamist Shahrukh Pathan, accused of opening fire on Delhi police during anti-Hindu riots that broke out in the nation’s capital in the last week of February this year.

Sharing a post that said accused Shahrukh Pathan, who intended to be a hero by taking up arms during the anti-CAA riots in Delhi will face the law, Usmani praised the accused rioters, saying he was proud of Shahrukh, who “fought for his community” (Muslims) while the whole state apparatus and “Hinduva army” apparently “killed and plundered” them.

“I am proud of Shahrukh Bhai. he fought for the community when all the state machinery and the Hindutva army were involved in the murder and looting of our community. He is our hero !” tweeted Sharjeel Usmani.

Previously, too, Usmani had no qualms about associating with those accused of holding provocative and seditious speeches under the guise of peacefully protesting against the CAA. Sharjeel Imam’s ideological compatriot Sharjeel Usmani has announced his intention to use Muslims as a fifth column in the country to undermine Indian interests. Shortly after Imam’s arrest, Usmani waged a propaganda war against the country to smear India’s image abroad. Sharjeel Usmani has announced that he and two of his friends will put English subtitles on ‘hate crime’ videos against Muslims in India to circulate among social media influencers for wider global reach .

After Sharjeel Imam’s inflammatory speeches went viral on social media, Sharjeel Usmani rushed to his defense. He urged Muslims not to disassociate themselves from the JNU researcher and said he was “in the same boat” as radical Islamists. Sharjeel Imam also played a vital role in organizing the Shaheen Bagh protests and militarizing the blockades to make the state bend to Islamist demands was his idea.

With the Modi government cracking down on the PFI and its terrorists, the propaganda war unleashed by the Islamists can only be expected to intensify. It is rather obvious that the Islamist “intellectuals” who posed as “moderates” have now decided to drop all their excuses and come out in the open to support the Islamist terrorists. There could be an upside to this – those trying to weaken India are out in the open.