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Incorrect to “manipulate” children in the conversion line


YOUR SAYS | “What was the Mufti of Perlis thinking with his stunt?

Mom asks the authorities to prove that she consented to the conversion of the children

Bobby O: How can children below their natural age of intelligence understand consent to change religion?

How can Mufti of Perlis Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin resort to such activity in trying to “bribe” young children (14-year-old twins and 10-year-old boy) to change their beliefs?

They are to be returned to their mother, Loh Siew Hong, and when they reach the age of a consenting adult, only then should the question be put to them.

Even God will not approve of such an act. He had created humans to think freely and give them the ability to decide for themselves.

The mufti should have known not to handle young children.

Dr. Raman Letchumanan: The children were held “captives” or “protected” by the authorities from anyone, not even the mother, who has custody, who could visit them without permission.

Suddenly a man shows up, brings food, asks the children questions they are not able to understand, apparently forcing them to answer in front of a video camera (I don’t know if the answer was forced) , and broadcast it to the public.

No decent human being would do such a despicable act towards children. If he is man enough, he would have done so in public in the presence of other people and would also have given the same opportunity to the mother who is denied to meet, hug, feed or talk to the children.

Malaysia could then answer for it before the United Nations Human Rights Council. In the meantime, let honest human beings judge this act.

Hrmph: What is the point of the Mufti of Perlis asking the children if they were forced to become Muslims? Are the children old enough to know what religion they wish to profess?

Children can’t convert without their parents’ consent, so asking them and posting the video online is more than inadmissible.

Would these Muslims be okay with the same thing being done to their children in another country, such as converting to Christianity without their consent?

Except that this kind of nonsense does not impose anywhere else in the world. Only in Malaysia and some other Muslim countries.

Once converted, voluntarily or by subterfuge, one cannot reconvert without being expelled from the country.

Even when these people don’t have faith. If such a Muslim professes that God is Almighty, these conversions do him no service. He sees what is in our hearts.

Nour M: Many here disparage Asri, so be it. I’m not here to defend him.

But when the father is in prison and the mother asks for her children of whom she has custody, it suffices to hand them over to her.

If religious departments are so worried about their akidahdon’t worry, Almighty God knows how to protect His servants.

The mufti, on the other hand, could have said what was presented to him, we were not there to verify the truth of the case.

Give him the benefit of the doubt, most of the time he talks common sense and is reasonable. If he was wrong this time, please forgive him. He is human, like us, after all.

The problem isn’t religion, it’s the law. It’s the dual system we have in place.

The Islam that I know and understand is fair and just. Children are born non-Muslims, let them be so until they are of age and can decide otherwise.

Free thinker: The mufti’s intention was perhaps noble, but at the same time foolish.

How can a child give his consent, let alone decide whether he wants to remain a Muslim or not? I doubt they even know the implication of being a Muslim as the option to leave the religion later is non-existent.

The Federal Court had rendered the judgment and any party that continues to interpret the law on its own whims is akin to contempt. Indeed, the Attorney General should immediately take steps to clear up this matter.

Pudding proof still eating: It is difficult to understand Asri’s actions as they are not befitting a religious preacher. If the religion preaches compassion, then the preacher should show the most compassion, especially to a single mother from an abusive relationship.

The closed-door interrogation of two children and the claim that he would ensure they remained Muslim smacks of “shiok sendiri” arrogance. The Islamic NGO and the Perlis Welfare Department which allowed Asri access to the children while refusing the mother are also complicit.

PurpleRabbit4431: We always know that when a person is under the age of 18, any legal decision of that person should be decided by the parents until the person has reached the age of 18, when he can decide for himself- same.

Why can’t the religious authority understand this?

New day: It is not the mufti’s job to ask minors whether they want to remain Muslims or not. They have gone through many traumas over the past three years, being illegally taken from their mother.

It is clear that the legal guardian/mother never consented to their conversion. It disgusts me that fanatics seem to have more power than our secular law has determined in this case.

IndigoKite6964: Lawyers for the mother, Loh Siew Hong, are expected to file a contempt of court suit against the mufti.

The two eldest, aged 14, are still considered minors. This is why they need parental consent as they are not legally bound by any decision they make.

What the mufti did is disgusting, asking the children if they want to remain Muslims without their sole guardian knowing. Doesn’t he have better things to do than meddle in this affair?

How not to be Islamophobic when these things happen?

Donkey head : Asri should let the law take its course. Do not meddle where you are not needed.

A mufti who interrogates children means nothing in the eyes of the law. They are not of legal age to make this decision. Doesn’t he know the law?

Quo Vadis Malaysia: I am a parent. I am beyond heartbroken. I can completely understand the feeling of helplessness, despair, total frustration, even anger in the face of the situation.

I’m even crying while writing this. No parent should ever be separated from their child as the authorities have done in this case.

What justice and what laws are set forth here? Where is the humanity and the compassion?

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