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institution lowered its guard on Islam | News, Sports, Jobs


Chautauqua Institution has let its guard down. The security in place at the time made Salman Rushdie an easy target. It seemed to reflect the “Re-imagining the police” movement in big cities riddled with crime. It was like a microcosm of our country’s insecure border policy.

Apart from security, Chautauqua has lowered its guard vis-à-vis Islam.

The institution approaches the two monotheistic religions of Christianity and Islam as superficially different but substantially identical when in reality Christianity is substantially different from Islam and superficially identical. Christianity being monotheistic is trinitarian, but Islam also being monotheistic is unitarian.

Christianity teaches salvation by the grace of God through Christ, but Islam teaches salvation by merit through human effort. It is substantially, not superficially, different.

Adding to the differences, Christianity is “fair game” to virtually any type of verbal attack, insult and ridicule. You hear almost nothing about Christophobia as you constantly do about Islamophobia, “Thanks” to the media, academia, and especially left-leaning politicians and clerics.

Dennis Prager, an Orthodox Jew, said: “If Christians were given the ‘green light’ to kill anyone who insults their faith, there would be genocide in America.” This does not happen because Christians have been commanded to love, not kill, their enemies. Still “love your enemy” is twisted by the left to mean that tough questions about, challenges to, and criticism of Islam are prohibited. “Islam should not be stigmatized” is a coded language to muzzle the uncomfortable truth. Religion substitutes for Islam and talking about Islam about the Rushdie incident prepares you to be called a “Islamophobe”.

We get a soft-sell version of Islam from Chautauqua. The jagged contours of the violence of jihad in the history of religion, the Quran and Hadith are given the sanitized and smoothed treatment. It’s as if the jihad chapter (Quran 9) wasn’t there or Quran 47:4 didn’t actually command Muslims to behead infidels and fatwas magically disappear in the lands of Chautauqua. It’s true: not all Muslims are terrorists. Fortunately, they do not fulfill all that the religion requires. Unfortunately, some do, like Rushdie’s attacker who reportedly fully accepted the violent demands of Islam after being schooled in Lebanon by Hezbollah.

If someone gave you a bag of M’s and M’s, warning that two of them were poisoned with a deadly poison, would you say, “No thanks” or would you try your luck? Unprepared, Chautauqua took a chance, but Rushdie managed to escape death.

As for putting Chautauqua on guard over Islam, why not have someone like Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch as a speaker or for an in-depth discussion with an Islamic apologist?

Reverend Mel McGinnis is a resident of Frewsburg.

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