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Islam and Christianity must promote religious way of life: Imanipour


TEHRAN (IQNA) – The head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) has said that one of the common duties of Islam and Christianity is to promote the role of religion in people’s lives. .

“One of our missions today is to strive for a correct lifestyle based on religion,” ICRO Hojat-ol-Islam chief Mohammad Mehdi Imanipour said Monday during a meeting with Sebouh Sarkissian, archbishop of the Armenian diocese of Tehran.

All Abrahamic religions have common principles and this common space can be a good medium for expanding relations, the Iranian cleric said.

Underscoring the benefits of interfaith dialogue and ICRO’s insistence on its pursuit, Imanipour said such talks seek peace, peaceful coexistence and the attainment of common beliefs.

The elites of Islam and Christianity can play an important role in relieving the pain of humanity today, he added/

He also hoped that the ninth round of interreligious dialogue with the Armenian Church could take place soon.

The Renaissance was a deception that some world powers created to eliminate religion in order to confront religious government, he said, adding, “We cannot deny the mistakes made by the Church, but these are excuses to eliminate religion from society”.

Considerable efforts are also underway to undermine the religious way of life, he lamented.

For his part, Sarkissian referred to 23 years of relations between the Armenian Church and the ICRO, noting that he knew the organization when the late Ayatollah Taskhiri was its leader. “I feel at home here.”

Elsewhere, he lamented that humanity today is drifting away from religion.

The Archbishop also hoped that the next cycle of interreligious dialogue could take place early next year.