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Islam Khalil hypnotizes us with a new jewelry collection


Here’s a collection for all the bohemian babes, all the girls and boys in Dahab, and especially all the aunts with a deep affinity for big rings. Islam Khalil’s new collection, “Illusions,” is a silver-encrusted daydream adjacent to hypnosis.

Often described as the mark of free and independent spirits, Islam Khalil’s designs are inspired by the soul-binding powers of nature, allowing those who wear them to express themselves by immersing themselves in their surroundings and letting go of their limiting perceptions.

Growing up among silver artisans, Khalil began to dabble in jewelry design at the age of 14. After years of sketching, computerizing and crafting his designs, the budding jewelry designer had mastered the ins and outs of craftsmanship, and with that realization began to push his passion further with a collection of designs from point.

Khalil accepted custom design requests from clients, and as he unraveled varying tastes, he found inspiration in juxtapositions. In 2015, Khalil managed to release her first and best-selling collection to date, “The Sun Collection”.

Entangled in the finest stones and handcrafted silhouettes, Khalil’s designs blend traditional dexterity with modern geometric designs; simultaneously ensuring his expertise and passion dialogue with each other as he captures his creative vision.