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Islamic charity that unmasked teacher in Batley cartoon row is reprimanded by guard dog


At the time, in March, Mohammad Sajad Hussain, CEO of Purpose of Life, accused the teacher of “terrorism” and “insulting Islam”.

He added that the children’s charity would no longer work with the school until the teacher was “permanently removed” from the school.

Free speech activists then complained to the Charity Commission, accusing the group of “recklessly” placing the teacher in danger of “physical harm.” The teacher has reportedly received death threats.

Following a lengthy investigation involving trustees, the regulator confirmed on Friday that it has now issued an official warning to Purpose of Life under Section 75A of the 2011 Charities Act.

The formal notice indicates that the commission “considers that a breach of trust and / or duty and / or a fault and / or mismanagement has been committed in relation to the association”.

Regulators said the open letter from the charity naming the teacher did not consider “a foreseeable risk to the security of the person” and “was drafted in such a way as to be likely to ignite existing tensions within of the local community “.

They also criticized the charity for posting two tweets and a video that supported one political party and one political candidate and criticized another candidate.

The Charity Commission’s new letter to Purpose of Life called for a series of actions to be taken, including “the implementation of effective written oversight and / or control mechanisms for the charity’s social media channels.”

The leaders of the association were also invited to familiarize themselves with the law on data protection.

In addition, staff were asked to “ensure that the reputation of the charity is protected, by implementing policies regarding due diligence / verification of the individuals or organizations with which the charity. charity works ”.

The Charity Commission threatened that “further regulatory action” could be taken if the violations it identified are not corrected.

Toby Young, general secretary of the Free Speech Union, which filed the initial complaint about the charity, said: a French teacher embroiled in a similar argument was beheaded by an Islamist terrorist the previous year .

“Teachers should be free to discuss controversial topics without having to worry about being shocked by activists who take special help in these controversies and put their lives at risk.”

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