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Islamic minister stresses concern to ensure flawless pathway for spread among women


Okaz/Saudi Official Gazette

MECCA — The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Appeal and Guidance, Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, reiterated the concern of the ministry to correct the faulty ways in the spread among women.

“We will not allow or tolerate anyone who tries to offend and propagate wrong approaches among women propagation circles,” he told a meeting of female preachers and newly appointed women in the sector. spread and guidance to the branch ministry in the Makkah region, during his visit to the branch headquarters on Thursday.

The minister inaugurated the branch’s propagation plan in a ceremony attended by the general secretary of the ministry’s branches as well as the director general and other officials of the Makkah branch.

In her speech, Al-Sheikh stressed the importance of the role played by the female preacher in protecting the family, which is the core of society, against extremist ideology, as well as against groups that politicize Islam. for their vested interests.

“The preacher should have to carry a sublime message and a noble objective, which is to protect society, to contribute to its security and stability, to strengthen the feelings of national cohesion and belonging among the members of society and to rally around the leaders of the country,” he said.

Al-Sheikh welcomed the new female preachers who have been appointed as part of the ministry’s plan to empower Saudi women, which is in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. He wished them every success in the service of religion and the nation, and in the fulfillment of their duties towards society. He noted that the ministry prioritizes empowering Saudi women to participate in spreading God’s path and raising awareness in the community to achieve the ministry’s mission and overall goals as directed by the wise leaders.

Al-Sheikh revealed the ministry’s efforts to expand the appointment of women preachers and organize specialized courses for them in various fields that serve their mission in the best possible way.