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Islam’s View of Happiness


TEHRAN (IQNA) — Happiness is a mental state in which an individual experiences joy and prosperity. This definition is almost the same in all cultures but the reasons for happiness are not the same everywhere because they are linked to social and individual beliefs.

Happiness is an important aspect of his life. Islam emphasizes happiness, but does not consider all types permissible, as some types of happiness are false and temporary. Accordingly, some verses of the Quran recommend happiness and others prohibit it.

Happiness and sadness come from Allah Almighty; “That it is He who makes us laugh and who makes us cry.” (Surat An-Najm, verse 43) Certainly, God’s blessings create joy and since Allah’s mercies are unlimited, the joy they create is better than those which are fleeting. This is why Allah said to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “Say: ‘In the bounty of Allah and His Mercy, let them rejoice, it (the Quran) is better than what they hoard.’ (Surah Yunus, verse 58)

People with strong faith also have calm and happy minds because they have entrusted their affairs to God and are making honest efforts to improve their lives. God makes a promise in the Quran: “Those who believe and do good deeds will find happiness in a garden.” (Surah Ar-Rum, verse 15)

Pride or humiliation of others are not good sources of happiness because a joy created by abundant wealth or a higher position is fleeting and the pride they cause can lead to severing ties with others. There are examples in the Quran of some people who were happy because they were proud of themselves, but that state of joy did not have a happy ending. “Kore was a man of the people of Moses. This man rebelled against them. We had given him so many treasures that the keys to the stores of his treasures could hardly be carried by a group of strong people. His people told him, “Do not be proud of your wealth; God does not like those who are proud of their wealth. (Surat Al-Qasas, verse 76)

Therefore, Islam does not reject happiness because it is an intrinsic characteristic that everyone possesses but says that this happiness is not proper if it comes from satanic temptations or passing worldly affairs; Islam emphasizes the type of happiness that is based on religious values, leads to the satisfaction of God and also makes others happy.