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I’ve never been sexually embarrassed Kannywood – Fatima Muhammad Fulani – Blueprint Newspapers Limited


Twenty-five-year-old Fatima Muhammad Fulani, a student at Sada’atu Rimi College of Education Kumbotso, Kano, tells ALIYU Askira in this brief conversation that she is roughly five years old in Kannywood, but has so far featured in two films – Danmalam and therefore da so. According to her, in Danmalam she played the role of a younger sister to Sadiq Sani Sadiq, while in So da therefore she was given a leading role.

Pre-Kannywood GIST

Before joining Kannywood, I had heard all kinds of bad news about the industry; most members of society have negative perceptions of actors and actresses. But when I got there I found out there was nothing like it; in fact, the industry does not tolerate indiscipline or producers who are used to sleeping with new actresses before giving them roles.

You are too young to be in Kannywood ”This is because people are of the belief that most of those in the industry are morally corrupt. What is your reaction to this?

In fact, I had the same feeling before coming here. I had heard all kinds of stories, of directors and producers insisting that they would sleep with actresses before starring them in their films. But it didn’t happen to me that most of the women I met in the industry told me that no one ever asked them to hurtle down before they could get a role.

Tell us about your background?

Well, I’m from Kano State; my name is Fatima Muhammad Fulani, I am 25 years old and I am now a student of Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education Kumbotso, Kano.

So far you have featured in two films – Danmalam and so da therefore; What’s the feeling like?

Before joining Kannywood I never saw actors and actresses on television. When I was given the role of sister Sadiq Sani Sadiq in the movie, Danmalam, I couldn’t sleep until I started the movie because I was very nervous. When I was told that I was acting as Sadiq Sani Sadiq’s sister, it was like a dream for me to even see Sadiq Sani Sadiq in person not to speak of being on the same physical stage with him. However, I did my best and was not disappointed.

Among Kannywood actors and actresses, who do you admire the most?

Wow, the industry has many fine actors and actresses. From the male actors we have top class actors like Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Momoh, Almustapha, Mustapha Moisi, Ibrahim Maishunku, Baba Karami and others. And among the women we have Hafsat Idris, Fati Washa, Jamila Nagudu. In fact, Jamila Nagudu is the most versatile actress we can speak of, then Halima Atète, Maryam Yahy, Bilkisu Shema and many others.

What are your immediate plans? Do you plan to get married after your NCE program?

I have a very big ambition; I want to become a successful actress, I want to graduate from college after my NCE. But on marriage, I don’t consider that now because I’m only 25 and the middle age is fine on my side and I want to use my life to the fullest.

What changes have you noticed in your life since joining Kannywood?

Many; before i joined Kannywood even you never bothered to interview me. Before now the name Fatima Muhammad Fulani did not ring a bell but now every time I go for shopping or on other occasions people are keen to have my number. Some are even willing to take me or date me; it means that i am gradually becoming a celebrity and i am enjoying the attention given to me. Let me also say that my fans next year or two, they should expect the best from me.