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Kerala BJP leader slaps Muslim scholar for attacking Governor Arif Mahammed Khan for visiting Sabarimala temple


February 21, 2022 8:46 p.m. STI

Cochin (Kerala) [India]Feb. 21 (ANI): Kerala BJP Deputy Chairman KS Radhakrishnan on Monday condemned Sunni scholar Abdul Hameed Faizi Ambalakkadavu’s statement against Kerala Governor Arif Mahammed Khan on Monday saying he “opened the door of Islam by offering prayers to Lord Ayyappa”. Sabarimala Temple as a believer.”
Radhakrishnan said: “On what logical basis and theological faith can it be said that X should be excommunicated from a religion? There is no logic at all. That is why in the original Islam there is no there is no place for the clergy. , of course, the clergy can excommunicate a person. But here in the case of Islam, no one is competent to excommunicate a person. So the decree, or the fatwa made by the so-called Sunni religious expert is null and void according to the Quran and the Islamic faith.”
Referring to the Quran, the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said that there are verses which justify belief in other religions. He said that one can argue for and against polytheism, ideal worship and the attitude of Islam against the other religion.
Radhakrishnan added: “So according to a thought on interpretations and revelations, there is nothing wrong with praying in the place of worship of other people who believe in different religions. It has been vindicated in the verses of the Quran I would ask the Sunni Registrar what mode of Islamic revelations he depends on If he depends on revelations like this everywhere you see Jews and Christians it is your duty to end them and idolaters should be killed on right away and if the clerk believes in such an aspect, then he is a dangerous person.”
“It should not be allowed in India. Because India is a multi-religious society. We believe in multitude. We believe that man himself is a multitude. So every human being can be able to practice different sources of worship. So, I definitely ask the clerics of Islam to tell their faith first. That they believe in the monolithic structure of the Islamic religion which requires the annihilation of other religious denominations. And if he believes in such faith, there is no doubt that he is not competent to lead a peaceful life in India, not only in India but also in any part of the world,” said the Vice President of Kerala BJP.
He further pleaded for the plurality of ideological existences, customary practices and religious faith.

“I do not justify whether he went to the temple or whether he visited Sabarimala. All these aspects are related to the personal faith of Arif Muhammad Khan, Governor of Kerala. In a democratic regime, no one has the right to excommunicate someone from social life or religious life. Who empowered the Sunni cleric to issue decrees on the current practice of Islam? This should be condemned,” Radhakrishnan added.
Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan had visited Lord Ayyappa Temple in Sabarimala in April last year.
Earlier this month, Governor Khan said that the country’s Muslim religious establishments were unhappy with the current BJP government as it did not grant them the privileges and comforts of previous governments and therefore took every opportunity to create troubles in the country. .
His remarks came amid a row of Hijabs going on in Karnataka.
“Religious establishments are unhappy with the current government because it has not provided them with the comforts and privileges as has been done by previous governments. They were not elected by the community after independence and do not faced no elections. They claimed to be the sole spokespersons of Islam and forced previous governments to recognize them as such. They used the language of the pre-partition Muslim League,” said the Governor of Kerala to ANI.
“But now the current government is not giving them any privileges. They also ensured that the Supreme Court judgment was honored through the Triple Talaq law. Now they are upset and feel like a ‘fish out of the water’. water. They want to use any possible opportunity to create unrest in the country,” he added.
Khan added that the approach of religious establishments is to build walls in society. (ANI)