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Kuwait deports expats who protested Nupur Sharma’s comments on Prophet Muhammad


The government of Kuwait will arrest and bring in expats who staged a protest against former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma who allegedly made insulting remarks against the Prophet Muhammad.

The expats are accused of organizing protests that expats in Kuwait are not allowed to organize. The Arab Times newspaper, which reported on the incident, also said, quoting people close to the development, that after their arrest, the expatriates will be deported to their home countries. The nationality of the protesters has not been revealed.

Kuwait prohibits non-Kuwaiti from organizing sit-ins or demonstrations. Those arrested will also be prohibited from re-entering Kuwait. Detectives arrest those involved.

The development comes amid several Gulf countries summoning respective envoys summoning Indian envoys to lodge their protests against the former BJP spokesperson’s comments made earlier this month at a roundtable hosted by a TV news channel.

The spokesperson and another party member were expelled from the BJP, with the ruling party saying that in India all religions and all groups of people should be respected.

The video shared by Arab Times shows a burly man chanting slogans and urging others to do so, demanding justice for allegedly insulting comments made against the Prophet Muhammad. The identity of the man remains unknown but the gathering around the corner in Fahaheel, as seen in the video, was more than two dozen.

News18 could not verify the authenticity of the video.

India earlier said in Kuwait that strong measures have been taken against those who try to hurt the feelings of people belonging to minority communities. The Indian mission in Kuwait also pointed out that action had been taken against people who posted offensive tweets against minorities on the social media site Twitter.

“The Ambassador indicated that the tweets in no way reflect the views of the Government of India. These are the views of the fringe elements. In line with our civilizational heritage and strong cultural traditions of unity in diversity, the Government of India grants the utmost respect to all religions,” the spokesperson said, reiterating the BJP’s position on the matter.

There was violence in several cities across India after members of the Muslim community staged protests, which turned violent, condemning Nupur Sharma for his remarks.

(with contributions from Arab Times and ANI)

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