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Maharashtra State Government’s Shift on Quotas upsets Muslim leaders | Bombay News



Mumbai: The state government’s about-face on the reserve for Muslims has left community leaders furious. Responding to a renewed demand for a 5% quota for Muslims in education, the state’s Minority Affairs Minister Nawab Malik told the assembly on Thursday that the state government could not make a Muslim reservation unless the quota limit is extended beyond 50%.
Putting the ball in Center’s court, Malik said: “We have asked the Center for the right to extend the quota limit beyond 50%. This will pave the way for the reservation for Marathas and Muslims, ”said Malik.
Community leaders believe the government’s change in stance on the Muslim reserve runs counter to the avowed stance of the Congress-NCP combine, as they had arranged a 5% reservation for Muslims in jobs and education by an ordinance in 2014. the masses are mistaken in thinking that the reservation request is based on religious grounds. The Congressional-NCP government had granted a 5% quota to 50 socially and educationally identified classes among Muslims. The reservation related to socio-economic backwardness and not to a religious basis. It is also part of our electoral manifesto, ”said Congressman Amin Patel.
Community leaders said that instead of trying to find excuses to explain that the Muslim reserve cannot be given because the Supreme Court order prohibits the government from extending the quota beyond 50% , the government should at least grant a 5% quota to Muslims in education, which has been authorized by the Bombay High Court.
“Who is preventing the state government from giving Muslims 5% of reserves in education?” Asked PA Inamdar, an educator based in Pune. He said the state government is dragging its feet on the Muslim reserve issue because it does not want to bore the Marathas whose quota has not been approved by the Supreme Court.
MA Khalid of All India Milli Council said the rationale for the Muslim reservation can be found in several reports which found Muslims educationally and economically backward. “The Sachar and Mahmoodur Rahman committees recommended quotas for Muslims as a way to improve their lot,” he said.