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Media works independently, no ban: Ali Muhmmad


ISLAMABAD: The Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Ali Muhammad Khan, has media that worked independently in the country and the government would not impose any ban on them.

Speaking to a private news channel, Ali Muhammad Khan said the purpose of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) was to stop fake news and he was totally against fake news, but not against anyone.

“The current government is firmly opposed to playing with the dignity and self-respect of any person,” he said.

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He said that the opposition parties should give their proposals concerning the PECA, if they wanted to make it more effective.

Addressing a press conference in Karachi on February 20, Law and Justice Minister Farogh Naseem stressed the dire need to counter fake news which was very dangerous for the society.

He said fake news was a punishable crime around the world. He warned: “From now on, a 5-year sentence would be given under the new order and no one would get an exemption for fake news. This offense would not give rise to bail.

Farogh Naseem said the media should criticize but not disseminate fake news and that the fake news ordinance under the PECA was within the law.

The minister said everyone has a right to any candidate’s election campaign under the Elections Act.

To a question, he replied that law and order is the full responsibility of the provincial governments and that the government of Sindh should ensure that law and order is maintained in the province.