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Mildred Muhammad, ex-wife of DC Sniper John Allen Muhammad, to participate in community conversations Germanna | Local News


In October 2002, the entire greater Washington area was looking for two white men in a white truck, believed to be suspects in a series of sniper attacks that killed 10 people.

Mildred Muhammad was looking for three people.

“I was looking for this profile, but I was also looking for John,” Muhammad said in an interview on Tuesday.

Muhammad was in hiding from her ex-husband, John Allen Muhammad, for more than a year after a court in Tacoma, Washington gave him full custody of their children.

She had also taken a restraining order for life against her ex.

She said he told her, “You have become my enemy, and as an enemy I am going to kill you.”

So when officers from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives knocked on her door on October 23, 2002 and told her they were going to name John the sniper and they thought she was the target. referred, she wasn’t that surprised.

“The theory was that he was killing innocent people to cover up my murder so that he could come in as a grieving father and get custody of our children,” Muhammad said. “It was a problem of domestic violence, of childcare.”

Muhammad will share his story of being terrorized by John – who was convicted of committing the attacks and executed in 2009 – long before he terrorized the Washington area, and of turning from victim to survivor of violence. housekeeper at an online event Friday at 6 p.m. , hosted by Germanna Community Conversations.

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