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Muhammad Ali versus Mike Tyson? Ric Flair chooses who would win if he had fought in his primes


Who do you think would have won the historic match?

Ever since Mike Tyson took the boxing world by storm when he became the youngest heavyweight champion and ultimately the undisputed champion, comparisons have been made between Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

Boxing fans were salivating at the thought of who would have won if they had been together in their respective primes at the height of their powers. To this day, the conversation is still going on. A man who knew Ali well and knows Tyson well to this day, pro wrestling legend Ric Flair, gives a conclusive answer as to who would emerge victorious between the two iconic heavyweights.

“I’ve (always) been a Mike Tyson fan,” Flair told DAZN. “I actually knew Muhammad Ali very well. There are always comparisons in sports and in business. The only guy I ever thought of who might be there with Ali was Mike in his prime. Two completely different styles but if Mike hits you, you’ll go down.

“I love Mike to death, but I don’t think anyone in his prime could have beaten Ali. You look at his previous fights. He was tall. He was lanky. He had length. I don’t think he was ever considered a knockout artist but he could just send you in. He could just dance around you and box.

Currently, Flair has a cannabis line, Ric Flair Drip, which is part of Tyson’s cannabis company, Tyson 2.0. “The Nature Boy,” who wrestled his last wrestling match in July, has known “Iron Mike” for more than 30 years. So working with Tyson was a no-brainer in Flair’s mind because of what Tyson represents as a person.

“Mike is just one of those guys who, you know, he grew up rough on the streets,” Flair said. “I remember the stories of him fighting Mitch Green on the street. I really followed Mike a lot. So when you meet someone you really look up to, you see what a great athlete he is and how he’s tough. I’m really a big fan of tough guys who just don’t talk but are legitimately tough. Mike just sounds really loud.