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Muhammad Mokaev explains why he turned down the Contender series: “I deserve a direct path to the UFC.”



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Muhammad Mokaev is one of the most touted prospects and is already on the UFC radar. Mokaev (4-0), born in Dagestan and based in Great Britain, is two-time IMMAF junior world champion and two-time European champion, dominating the amateur scene with a perfect 23-0 record.

He continued that momentum in his professional career, where he already has a 4-0 mark, having competed four times in the span of three months in 2020. With his undeniable success, Mokaev has revealed that he is seen offered a spot in Dana White’s Contender series. before his victory over Abdul Hussein at BRAVE CF 49 in March, but refused.

Mokaev explains why

“There’s UFC London in August, but I was offered the Contender Series before the fight against Abdul Hussein, but I’m one of the fighters who want to go straight to the UFC. I don’t want suitors. I think I sell the most pay-per-view or maybe the most views, the most publicized fight for the UFC in the UK.

“I don’t know who will be on that bill, but I think I broke all records for it, and if the tickets go on sale I will sell all the tickets in the arena. I believe it one hundred percent. I don’t need to go through the Contender series for people to know me. I deserve a direct path to the UFC.

Given the hype surrounding him, Mokaev says an entry into the UFC via the Contender series would be quite disappointing.

“Contender Series is like any other series. It’s not even the UFC. It’s like I’m fighting in the UK to have a good performance and Dana White sees it and pulls me out of the organization. I don’t want to go through Contenders, it looks like I’m not a built fighter yet. Maybe I don’t have as much media exposed as the other guys. I know the guys who fight in the Contender Series, I don’t think they have a name as big as me.

Mokaev returns on June 4, when he faces Ibragim Navruzov (5-1-1) in a middleweight fight at BRAVE CF 51 in Belarus. Navruzov brings a solid background after competing in high level organizations and Mokaev knows exactly what kind of fight he is engaged in.

“He’s a good opponent. He had three fights in ACA, one draw in M1 and three fights in Fight Nights Global in Russia, so good organizations. I think he’s a typical Russian fighter training on this side, I mean. Just a box to grab your leg. He’s going to shoot me in the legs, that’s for sure. That was me four or five years ago, so I know what the game plan is. It’s me, so I know how to beat the old me.

When Mokaev turned pro, he struggled to find opponents. His dominance in the amateur scene meant that very few people agreed to fight him, but he is now ready to face stiffer competition.

Mokaev isn’t interested in improving his record and wants to make sure he gets the right kind of experience before making the jump to the UFC, where he aspires to become the youngest champion in history.

“To be honest I asked Brave to fight two guys from Kazakhstan. One of them fought at Fight Nights in Russia, not bad. One of them 12-1 and the other 13- 0 and neither of them were ready to fight on that date. I don’t know if they are not ready for the date or to fight me, but of course when you have a record as big as 13- 0 and 12-0, no one wants to fight at this point.

“They just want to jump into the UFC and then they’re exposed so I don’t want to be one of the guys like Ben Askren and that’s why I want challenges now. Of course, I’m at that point now where I can’t fight someone below me. It would be worse than not fighting. I’d rather not fight than fight someone below me.

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