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Muslim community radio Unity FM leads campaign against youth violence inspired by Muhammad Ali


Local Muslim community radio station Unity Fm has launched a campaign against youth violence inspired by boxer Muhammad Ali’s “Me, We Poem”. The poem’s meaning of “community and appreciation of unity” became the basis of the campaign.

Unity Fm, along with the West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit and Faith Alliance, have come together to support a radio campaign tackling rising youth violence in Birmingham. He particularly focused on the inner city areas of East Birmingham.

The campaign started with the poem “Me, We”, created by boxer Muhammed Ali, and is known to be the shortest poem in English. The campaign will last six weeks.

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Nassar Mahmood, manager of UnityFm station based on Stratford Road in Sparkbrook, told BirminghamLive: “Muhammed Ali’s poem resonates with so many in our community in this area and of all faiths.

“This radio station has a unique audience and spans different ethnicities and nationalities – we broadcast primarily in English, but in Urdu, Somali and Bengali. We have the community’s trust to inform our audiences on issues such as this campaign ‘Me We’ and the we want to give local

“This is an epidemic that we must tackle and we need the whole community, including believers and non-believers, to come together to build a cohesive society.” he said.

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“We have already received messages from concerned parents discussing the uncertainty of whether their children will come home from school in the morning being victims of this violence.”

A listener and parent raised concerns about the level of youth violence on the radio – he said: “Is it our fault, our children’s fault or the community’s fault? As a father, i worry every time my children go to school or the masjid and i don’t know if they will come back.we need to unite and stop this violence.

Listeners can tune in to the Friday Drive Show at 5pm where speakers from the Faith Alliance, West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit, Sparkhill’s Concord Youth Center will discuss the campaign and how they are tackling the issue.

Clare Gollop, Director of the Violence Reduction Unit, told BirminghamLive: “Our faith communities and spaces are powerful tools for reducing violence. When tragedy strikes, many will look to their faith leaders for comfort. and hope for a better and safer future.Our Six Weeks encourages people to believe in the power of hope and shines a light on the incredible work of faith communities across the region working to protect our children and young people.

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