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Muslim outfit offers new clothes to villagers in Bankura


On Sunday, a group of young Muslims from the remote village of Lodda in Bankura district donated new clothes to around 400 poor Hindu families after they surveyed how many villagers could not afford them. Bengal festival.

The 20 young people, mostly farmers and small traders, held a meeting a fortnight ago to find out how many of their local Hindu community needed new clothes.

“Most of the Hindu families in our region are poor. We visited the homes to see if they could buy new clothes for their family members. Many could not. So we took details like the age and gender of family members including children as they were important before buying dresses. We distributed the clothes on Sunday, ”said Cheikh Bapi, member of Lodda Muslim Yuva Sampradai who organized the event.

On Sunday, during a cultural program in the village grounds, members handed over new clothes to those who had enlisted.

“We believe in friendship and here Hindus and Muslims live as brothers. We

let’s also celebrate our holidays together. For us, religion is a personal matter but the celebration is for everyone, ”said Sheikh Mojammel, a member.

The young people said that to buy the new clothes, they pooled their own money and that of other philanthropic villagers to collect Rs 1 lakh. With this, they brought new clothes for the 400 families, including about 50 children and 200 women.

Bablu Bauri, whose elderly parents, wife and child received new clothes from Muslim Lodda Yuva Sampradai, said he was in deep financial crisis and was unable to buy clothes .

“I am a daily employee and I worked as a mason’s helper here. I haven’t been winning steadily since the start of the pandemic. I had no money to buy new clothes for my family during Durga Puja this year, ”said Bablu, thanking the organizers for the gesture.

Lodda is a village of Khalagram gram panchayat in the Taldangra block area of ​​Bankura. The village is the only one in the region with a large Muslim population. The village has around 400 Muslim families, most of them relatively well-off.

In Bankura district, the Muslim population is only 8.08% according to the 2011 census.

This is not the first time that young Muslims have come forward to help needy Hindu families. During the lockdown, they helped villagers who had lost their jobs with dry rations like rice and pulses.

“When there was a partial lockdown or curbs during the second wave of the pandemic, we served cooked meals to families in need,” added one of the young people in the group.

Organizers said they would also continue similar campaigns in the future.


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