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Nagaraju murdered by the family of his wife Sultana for interreligious marriage


A young man was stabbed to death by his Muslim wife’s family outside Saroornagar Tehsildar’s office in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Billapuram Nagaraju, 25, a Marredpally resident, was reportedly stabbed to death at Saroornagar Tehsildar office on Wednesday evening. The assailant fled and was later arrested by the police.

The police confirmed having arrested the accused, who belongs to the girl’s family.

Apparently, Nagaraj, who worked as a salesman at a popular car showroom in Secunderabad, married 23-year-old Syed Ashrin Sultana, aka Pallavi, just a few months ago on January 31. Relatives of the deceased said they were both in love from their college days.

Nagaraju and Sultana’s family members were unhappy with the interfaith marriage and opposed it. However, going against their family, the couple got married two months ago at the Arya Samaj mandir in the Old City.

On Wednesday evening, the couple headed for Saroonagar on Nagaraju’s motorbike. As they reached the Mandal revenue office in Saroornagar, an unidentified man stopped them and attacked Nagaraju with an iron bar. He stabbed Nagaraju in public, who suffered serious injuries and died instantly while Pallavi was injured.

Several passers-by captured the incident on the spot. The video has gone viral on social media platforms. Viewer discretion recommended.

As they belonged to different religions, the girl’s family killed Nagaraj, said one of Nagaraj’s relatives. Nagaraj’s relatives also staged a protest, blaming his wife’s family for the murder.

Saroornagar Police arrived at the scene and started an investigation. Strangely, they claim this is a case of “honor killing” even though they suspect Sultana’s family members are behind the murder.

Meanwhile, BJP leaders in Telangana have called for strict action against Sultana’s family. Telangana BJP MLA Raja Singh has called for the arrest of all involved in planning and carrying out the murder.

“Was it the family members, or did certain religious groups advise the family? Has a group promised them financial assistance? There should be a full investigation into this murder,” Raja Singh demanded.

BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala said the case was a replay of Ankit Saxena, a Hindu boy who was murdered in Delhi for having a relationship with a Muslim girl.

“If the Muslim husband of a Hindu woman had been killed by his family, we know what would have happened now! Congress, AAP, TMC, SP would have reached the UN alleging ISLAMOPHOBIA. But since a Hindu was killed & in Hyderabad – the crime is secular? Hence the secular chuppi. Poonawalla tweeted.

Following the incident, Telangana Police registered a case and opened an investigation. Deputy Police Commissioner Sridhar Reddy said the initial investigation suggested their love marriage was the reason for the murder.

However, according to Swarajya journalist Swati Goel Sharma, Telangana police are considering this matter as an inter-caste issue and not as a crime involving communal hate.