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Naseeruddin Shah is an example


On Wednesday, actor Naseeruddin Shah posted a video criticizing Indian Muslims who appeared delighted with the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Calling Indian Muslims’ celebration of the Taliban victory dangerous, Shah said every Indian Muslim should ask himself whether he wants “reformed and modern Islam” or the “barbaric values” of centuries past.

Shah even went on to say that his “Islam” is inspired by Mirza Ghalib, who is apolitical and that “Hindustani Islam” has always been different from the Islam practiced elsewhere and prayed that the Indian version of Islam do not change. so much that he is no longer recognizable ‘

“Naseeruddin not Muslim enough”

However, Shah, who is generally a favorite of Indian Islamists and so-called “secular liberals” for his anti-Modi stance, was suddenly “canceled”. Islamists from all sides have started to condemn Shah’s conviction, asking him not to preach what Islam should or should not be. Apparently, talking about reforms within religion is not Islamist enough for Islamists. Here are some examples :

Twitter screenshots

Rifat Jawaid of the pro-AAP blog Janta Ka Reporter even took a step forward and declared Shah “not Muslim enough” to talk about Islam, “because he is not a practicing Muslim and he has no knowledge on certain subjects ”.

Jawaid then went ahead and clarified what “knowledge” he was talking about. According to him, putting geographic labels on Islam is haram. Islam apparently does not know of separate kingdoms or regions. Islam remains the same regardless of the region. The junkies of the ISIS caliphate would be really proud of him.

The very idea of ​​a caliphate or a worldwide Islamic brotherhood is based on the idea that Islam itself is the supreme identity and that its adherents do not need to oblige themselves to others. ethnic, regional or cultural identities. ISIS believes in it. Pakistan’s terror sponsors believe it and all the other radicals who blew themselves up for the sake of “Jannah” or “Ummah” believe it too. Jawaid just explained it in simpler terms.

Jawaid and Naqvi are just two examples of the so-called “elite”, there are dozens of others who spit venom at Naseeruddin Shah, declaring him unfit to give advice and suggestions, even accusing him of ‘trying to appease the Hindus. Just regular “Ummah” things on Indian social media.

“Swara Bhaskar has not woken up enough”

Swara Bhaskar was also canceled recently. It was canceled because she was seen performing the Hindu rituals of Grih Pravesh. For a section of “secular-liberals” to follow the rituals of one’s own religion, if that religion is Hinduism, is haram. On the contrary, Hindus who openly laugh at Hinduism, make jokes about Gaumutra, eat beef and abuse Hindu gods, are celebrated instantly.

Any Hindu who praises Islamic values ​​and the way of life is also praised. No matter how many high-fives Swara gave Islamists and “revivals”, no matter how many Gaumutra jokes she made, she was ruthlessly canceled the moment she was seen following. the Hindu rituals of Grih Pravesh, under the guidance of a Hindu priest.

The comments became so heavy that the actress had to compensate for her previous post with an explainer, which being Hindu doesn’t necessarily mean being hateful, that is the power of the narrative framework.

Anyone who deviates from the directive is “canceled”

It’s not just Swara and Naseeruddin. Not too long ago, Naseeruddin Shah was seen spitting venom at the Indian government during anti-CAA protests, prompting Muslims to oppose a law that had nothing to do with them and not to them. affected in any way. He had been peddling the “Dara Hua Musalman” story for years now. And yet, as soon as he speaks of reforms, and warns against the barbarism propagated in the name of Islam, it is canceled. It’s a mandate, it’s an omerta. You follow the strict guideline, or you will be canceled.

Indian, and indeed even the liberal intelligentsia of the world left is a slave at the feet of the Islamists. The same ‘feminists’ who cry harshly about women’s rights in liberal democracies quickly assert that ‘the hijab is a choice’, the same ‘liberals’ who proclaim themselves champions of diversity and inclusion never dare denounce homophobic laws in Muslim countries.

For Indian Islamists, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was “not Muslim enough”. Sagarika Ghose had nicknamed him “the daddy of the bomb”, “scholars” had written about how the former president and scientist was “too friendly towards Hindus”, Arfa Khanum Sherwani had asked why he was doing it. praise and so on.

The same Naseeruddin Shah was greeted and praised when he explained how the Indian Muslim is the victim of injustice, of hatred. He was celebrated when he called on anti-CAA protesters to campaign against the government. But as soon as he talks about reforms, he is quickly canceled. Despite being a successful, famous, nationwide actor, Shah had peddled the false story “I’m afraid for my children” and was praised for it by the same Islamists and “liberals” who spoke to him. today canceled for talking about reforms.

Recently, IPS officer Najmul Hoda in an article for The Print, explained how Indian Muslims and “liberals” are trapped in a toxic relationship. He explains how the so-called “liberals” have kept Muslims confined in a certain state of mind of denial, whitewashing historical examples and making them believe they are perpetual victims, thus binding the entire population in a mental state. where they actively denounce the reforms.

The Shah’s annulment is just one example of the larger reality that is the ugly belly of the global left. It is “my way or the highway”. “Liberalism” in India is all about perpetual victimization, whitewashing and smokescreens.

This was evident when the “liberals”, notably Swara, enthusiastically equated the Taliban with the democratically elected government of India. Imran Khan the godfather of terrorism becomes a star for them, Sharjeel Imam and his separatist buddies are painted as victims but just because he is Hindu, Yogi Adityanath is still a villain. In the case of Indian “liberals”, all their intelligence, thought process, and discourse on progressive ideologies lie firmly at the feet of radical Islamists.


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