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NIA takes half a dozen suspects into custody


The National Investment Agency (NIA) arrested half a dozen suspects in the Udaipur murder case on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, including Anjuman Talimul Islam leader Mujeeb Siddiqui and Secretary Farooq. All suspects were brought to Jaipur and are grilled in relation to the horrific murder of Kanhaiya Lal for supporting Nupur Sharma. The NIA team would be ready to arrest them all at any time.

According to the media sources, the NIA searched the residence of Mujeeb Siddiqui near Mukherjee Chowk in Udaipur last night before capturing him. Likewise, the NIA apprehended several other people, including former leader Khaleel Ahmed. According to reports, two lawyers and a Maulana are also detained. At the same time, reports of firearms confiscated from the defendant’s home surfaced.

Anjuman Talimul Islam, according to the media, is the main group representing Muslims in Udaipur. This group was founded 116 years ago. All Muslims in Udaipur follow the fatwas given from there. Under this organization, violent demonstrations were also planned in Udaipur in response to Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet Mohammad. The organization had also asked the collector to take immediate action against Nupur Sharma.

According to the memorandum they filed, Nupur Sharma’s comments offended the Muslim community. The issue of incitement to Muslims had come to the fore in this whole affair.

It should be noted that when Ghaus Muhammad and Riyaz Attari beheaded Kanhaiyalal, the same outfit, Anjuman Talimul Islam, was seen attractive to the general public for peace and harmony. However, he also played a role in inciting Muslims.

In accordance with the statutory functions of Anjuman Talimul Islam, the dates of Muslim holidays such as Eid and others are announced by this organization. This organization claims to educate the children of the Muslim society, resolve the controversy of the moon sighting during Ramzan, increase the number of madrasas, link the Muslim institutions of the state to Anjuman and help financially the orphans and the destitute of the Muslim community.