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No Conclusion in Murder of Nurul Islam in 13 Years


PBI investigated after 3 agencies failed to uncover mystery

The fire which killed the president of the Ganotantri party and leader of labor rights Nurul Islam and his son Tomohor Islam alias Puchi 13 years ago has always remained a mystery because the police could not discover the cause of the fire.

Police say they have found no clue as to the perpetrators, as family members claim.

The fire engulfed the Lalmatia house of the candidate of the grand alliance led by the Awami League of Noakhali 1, Nurul Islam, for the ninth general election on December 3, 2008. He suffered 40% burns and eventually succumbed to his injuries. injuries while her son died in the fire at the house.

Nurul Islam’s wife Rubi Rahman and daughter Moutushi Islam were not at home during the incident.

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On December 3, the widow again alleged that it was a planned political murder.

She refused to accept police and firefighters’ claims that an electrical short had detonated a refrigerator compressor, causing the fire, calling it realistic.

Additionally, a report from the Dhaka Power Distribution Company indicated that no short circuits had occurred in the apartment. A team from the chemistry department at Dhaka University also found no evidence of an electrical short circuit.

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Rubi Rahman was hopeful that the real cause of the fire would be revealed by investigators this time around and that the family would finally get justice in court.

In the meantime, three investigative agencies have so far submitted final reports to the court. The complainant rejected the findings of the police.

In 2018, the court ordered the Police Investigation Bureau (PBI) to further investigate the case.

But the agency has not yet made any progress in the matter.

“We have not found any clues as to the perpetrators,” PBI chief Banaj Kumar told Dhaka Tribune on Sunday.

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The PBI has spoken to family members and witnesses on several occasions, but they are still not close to identifying anyone as the perpetrator.

When asked if they found the truth in reports filed by other agencies, Banaj Kumar said they were charged due to inconsistencies in previous reports.

The investigator of this case, Nasir Uddin, refrained from commenting on the case. He hinted, however, that they would have more time to submit the report to the court.