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Perak Religious Council chairman says food-wasting Ramadan buffets are un-Islamic


Previously, we shared how a Malaysian urged Muslims in the country to be more respectful of Ramadan by avoiding overspending and wasting food, which garnered a lot of support from netizens. Well, it seems that sentiment is shared by Datuk Seri Mohd Annuar Zaini, Chairman of the Malay Islamic Religious and Customs Council of Perak (MAIPk), who pointed out that wasting food is against Islamic culture.

As reported by The Vibes, Annuar expressed disappointment at Muslims indulging in lavish food as the holy month of Ramadan was meant to teach believers about the pain and suffering of the poor. Furthermore, the MAIPk President said that from an Islamic point of view, Muslims are encouraged to go to mosques to perform their prayers rather than indulging in Ramadan buffets which sometimes even feature live music. live and singers.

Annuar asserted,

“You (buffet operators) drag people to stay with entertainment and music. They will stay and eat more when encouraged to bring mosques to life. When they start bringing kids (to the buffets) they are teaching the younger kids bad values ​​and culture.

President of Maipk, datuk seri mohd annuar zaini in 2020.

He further said that it was wrong for companies to market the term “Ramadan buffet” and charge exorbitant fees to customers. He said it can be seen as taking advantage of people’s hunger after a long day of fasting.

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Strong Ramadan

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