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Raheem Muhammad: Emerging talent puts Telford’s boxing scene on the map

Rahim Muhammad in action. Photo: Queensberry Promotions.

The 20-year-old is one of the few stars to put City on the map and he currently sits 2-0 down in his fledgling career.

His last win came in early June and Muhammad insists boxing in the region is back on the rise.

“On a professional level, I would say the Telford boxing scene is in the best place it’s ever been,” he said.

“Before, there wasn’t much going on at Telford, but with everyone doing so well now, it means we’re on the rise.

“More fighters will probably start coming through Telford as bigger shows take place here.

“We’ve all looked up to Richie Woodhall – since then he kind of died out, but now he’s on the rise again and I hope he continues to rise.”

Muhammad is one of the few Telford stars to have signed with Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions – one of boxing’s biggest promotions.

Over the past two years Queensberry have held several shows in Telford, taking advantage of the growing interest and Muhammad is delighted to see Telford on the biggest stage.

“When I signed I had no idea there would be so many shows in Telford, I just thought I would be somewhere in the Midlands,” he added.

“When I found out there was a show in Telford in April before mine, which I would have had before Ramadan, I was gutted because I thought it might not happen again.

“Then we got a call that they would do another one in June. With the way the show went, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started again soon.

“Having these great shows puts Telford on the map!

“Big boxing names come in and with the local guys on the card it brings the community together for them.

“It puts Telford on a big stage and moves us all forward,” he added.

“When I was an amateur there was nothing at all. I never imagined doing anything professionally at Telford.

“Now for the younger ones too, it’s huge.”

When asked how you keep building the Telford scene, Muhammad replied, “I personally think you need to keep doing things in the community.

“When I go to Friday prayers, I take the time to talk to the younger ones who are either boxing or in and around.

“They ask me questions and I take the time to talk to them.

“It keeps the interest going and hopefully one day they will continue for everyone.

“Being younger, they will see more of a friend rather than someone giving them a lecture.”