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Rapper Muhammad Shah to Debut in Fawad Khan & Sanam Saeed’s Web Series


Director Asim Abbasi has just announced a very unexpected new collaboration for his upcoming web series Zee5. The currently untitled series will feature rapper Muhammad Shah, from Karahi butt Fame, who is making his acting debut in the industry (in Pakistan and India simultaneously) through the show.

Asim Abbasi’s highly anticipated series is attracting attention for more than one reason. First, it features a power couple of Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed as the main pair. Second, Asim has introduced new faces that feature in his web series in an innovative way on his social media.

For those unfamiliar with Shah, the director featured him in detail on Instagram.

“Our story is not that of Garmi, Hania or Alia. But these are the ingenious song titles/subjects of the very witty, and very strange Muhammad Shah – his absolute uniqueness caught our eyes and ears during the casting phase. Watching his first audition tape confirmed that this one is an eccentric in the best sense of the word,” he wrote.

Shah shot to fame when he got a shoutout from Alia Bhatt after he made a rap video about her. The actress had enjoyed the video and had commented “Bahut hard” on her video. This comment went viral on the internet, making Shah popular across the subcontinent, including India.

“Shah was both mysterious and hilarious over the many months we spent together in Hunza. His hard work, commitment and unwavering energy, even in the toughest places, was always great fun to watch. Truly a chameleon in the way he would adapt. His impromptu dialogue-to-song remixes were the icing on the cake,” Asim explained.

“I miss your presence, Shah… Alone in the hotel lobby…. Those piercing eyes… The knife in your hand,” he concluded on a mysterious note.

Shah, is a rapper with a comedic streak, which is quite evident in his songs. However, his Instagram post is proof that Asim made the right casting decision.

“When I was told that Asim Abbasi desperately wanted me in his new web series, the first thing I did was check my schedule (I’m never busy). Eventually I agreed and voluntarily stayed in Hunza for almost a year I’m a method actor as you all know so I was in character all the way I started a life there I got married and I became a farmer,” he wrote.

“But like all good things, this too had to come to an end. With a heavy heart, I left my new family with my character in Hunza at the end of filming. I miss them sometimes but the life of an actor is quite difficult. But if I was someone who had never really played before, I would have been really grateful for this opportunity… especially if I was doing “songs” on garmi or Karahi butt.”

“PS: Alia Bhatt and I have more in common now,” he added and we agree!

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Popularly known for his original videos and social media content, Muhammad Shah will play a vital role in the series, according to the official press release.

Speaking about the series, Muhammad Shah commented, “This show is very close to my heart, especially because I tried something very different from what I was used to. I am looking forward to the audience’s response, so was the love and recognition I received for my rap compositions. I’m very happy to work alongside veteran actors like Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed and I’m happy to have this opportunity.

Asim Abbasi’s show blends magical realism and supernatural fantasy in a family reunion setting and deals with themes of love, loss and reconciliation.

The series will launch on ZEE5 later this year.