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Religious leaders must save Nigeria from security challenges – Islamic scholar


Islamic scholar and chief executive of the Kaduna Interfaith Mediation Centre, Imam Nurain Ashafa has called on religious leaders to save Nigeria from its myriad security problems.

Ashafa made the call in Kaduna on Monday during a one-day Interfaith Dialogue on Preventing Violent Extremism in Kaduna State, jointly organized by ActionAid Nigeria and Global Peace Development as part of the Capacity Building Project. system and structure against radicalization towards violent extremism (SARVE III).

Ashafa pointed out that religious leaders remain the saving grace for Nigeria after the failure of the security apparatus to successfully tackle insecurity. He urged religious leaders to spring into action by working tirelessly to inculcate God consciousness in the people, with a view to rebuilding a Nigerian society where everyone becomes the keeper of his brothers and where leaders rule with the fear of God. .

He noted that only religious leaders can play such a role, as the rich and the poor, as well as the leaders and the ruled, depend on religious leaders for their spiritual guidance.

Speaking on the SARVE III project, the representative of Global Peace Development, Ms. Chat Sunday Adamu said the meeting was imperative for the promotion of peace and harmony in Kaduna State in the face of security challenges in the state, especially as the 2023 general election gathers steam.

She said Kaduna and Kano were selected for the project due to the population and volatility of the two states in the North West region.

“We want religious leaders to carry the message of peace to their congregation in churches and mosques in both states and we believe this would go a long way in preventing violent extremism among young people in the northwestern states,” Chat mentioned.

A director of the Interfaith Mediation Center, Reverend Bitrus Dangiwa, in his presentation called on religious leaders to preach against religious politics but encourage their congregations to vote based on the ability and credibility of the leaders running for office. .