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School praised for sharing images of Muslim students praying


A PRIMARY school was praised for allowing students to pray at school.

The headmaster of Barrowford Primary School posted these images of students participating in the afternoon prayers. The tweet has been liked thousands of times and hundreds of users have thanked the school for promoting “tolerance and understanding”.

Posting on social media, Principal Rachel Tomlinson wrote: “This morning these two boys brought their prayer rugs and asked to do their Zuhr Namaz at school. It’s so incredibly respectful and respected by all of our community that ensured that we remained silent to allow the boys to have the right state of mind (niyyah) to pray.

“We hope that more and more children will feel able to freely manifest their faith and join them. I love that our school is a safe place where everyone can be themselves.”

Muslims are forced to pray five times a day and young children are encouraged to participate in their parents’ prayers.

Ms Tomlinson told the Lancashire Telegraph that she was surprised at the number of people who had sent the messages and the interest the post had generated in such a short time.

She said: “We were really humbled by it all. It was wonderful to read people’s reactions but I’m also a little sad because that shouldn’t be a big deal.

“The vast majority of people were very positive and thanked us for allowing the students to pray. ”


The pictures were used with permission from the parents and one of the boys’ mothers took the pictures.

Ms Tomlinson said: ‘What is beautiful is that they are praying in a room – Raffi’s Snug – named and created in memory of a six year old boy who sadly passed away and is still remembered very well. at school.

“It’s a very special place for the whole school community.

“The students were able to find the direction of Mecca through an app and behaved very well at 1pm. Other students were also very considerate and asked anyone in the room to be quiet once they realized the boys were praying.

Ms Tomlinson said more students may wish to join in the future.

Muhammad Sufyan Ehsan, nine, said: “I am very curious about my religion and determined to continue reading my daily prayers in school and am also surprised that other age groups respect the time when we let’s pray.

“I am overwhelmed by the amount of love, support, guidance and respect that Ms. Tomlinson, my teachers and my peers have shown us. I would like other schools to emulate what we started.

Student Hasan said, “I found it a blessing to be able to read and the whole school was so respectful and considerate as we prayed.”

Amna Ali, Hassan’s mother added, “I am very honored as a parent to see that my son was able to offer his afternoon prayer in his school.

“Our director gave the boys a nice space to be able to do their prayer intention and read in a peaceful environment. The staff’s respect for children overwhelmed me.

On social networks, the images generated a lot of reactions.

One user posted: ‘What a beautiful thing you have done. Thank you. You have no idea how important it is for me as a mother to see this. If my child chose to pray in school, I hope he would be allowed to do so and feel as welcome as you did.

Another said: “May you be an inspiration to your fellow principals across the country. You may think that you haven’t done anything, but in reality you have. You have broken down barriers and shown schools, that’s normal. Thank you!”

@DrMudassirkhan Said: “I really appreciate your teaching these young boys how inclusive you have a culture in your school. They will learn lessons that will go far in their lives, you have taught them tolerance and acceptance which is most needed in today’s polarized society. thanks again

@IramSammar: “Thank you so much for giving these children a space to pray – it is that kind of understanding and respect that gives children hope that the future can be bright. Teachers who give children their cultural and spiritual rights are just gems. ”


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