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Serial entrepreneur Muhammad Adil Mirza takes healthcare to new heights



Year after year, we discover new talents emerging in all business sectors and industries. Learning more about them only makes us understand how individuals, more than waiting for the right opportunities, most of the time created new ones for them and faced challenges head-on to achieve desired success. Muhammad Adil Mirza is one of the best examples of astute professionals and entrepreneurs. He believed in his strong visions and ideas and took every possible step to leap high in the business world with each of his companies which propelled him forward. as a serial entrepreneur from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Who is Muhammad Adi Mirza, you ask? Well, he was born in 1980, and from an early age, seeing his older brother working his socks in the business world, got inspired by him and dreamed of being part of the entrepreneurial world. His brother succeeded in the business game by supplying disposable pharmaceutical and surgical products to various hospitals in Karachi as part of their family business. In 1988, his brother ran ‘Universal Enterprises’, their first business, which made it huge and quickly grew nationwide.

Muhammad Adil Mirza first completed his high school education in Sydney, Australia and then moved to Dubai to further his education and earn his Bachelor of Business Administration. Since his brother and his success have always inspired him, Muhammad Adil Mirza decided to start a family business in the United Arab Emirates and manage and develop the activities of the CIS countries, with the regional headquarters based in Dubai.

Today, this passionate talent is the Big Boss and CEO of Phoenix Group of Companies. After learning the tricks of the trade and making his way to the top, putting in five years of hard work, he eventually established five great companies spread across the UAE in different niches and fields of activity. They have offices in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Tajikistan. As a talented multipreneur, he has traveled to over 40 countries so far and gained notable business subsidiaries in his global portfolio which includes leading companies in the US, UK and in Europe to maintain relationships with international subsidiaries and for future commercial development projects.

The empire of Muhammad Adil Mirza includes companies such as Allmed FZCO, Phoenix Medicines LLC, Avenue 80 Marketing and Management LLC, Future Mattress & Furniture Factory LLC and CIS Countries Business and its operations.

Enormous entrepreneurial talent has truly taken the healthcare industry to higher levels of success over the years and as CEO of Phoenix Group of Companies in Dubai, Muhammad Adi Mirza seems unstoppable with all of his businesses.

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