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Sharp reduction in the quota of the Islamic Games in favor of the officials


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has imposed a sharp reduction in the contingent of the Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya (Turkey) while including an unprecedented number of 10 officials from the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination ( IPC) and Pakistan Sports Council (PSB) in a reduced tour of 76 members.

A well-placed source has confirmed to ‘The News’ that the Islamic Games contingent has been reduced from 122 members to 76 as most athletes and associated support staff have been withdrawn in favor of PSB and Ministry of Health officials. the CPI. In addition to this, the PSB General Manager has also been appointed Deputy Head of Mission for the second consecutive Mega Games. DG PSB has already been appointed Deputy Chef de Mission for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

The Birmingham Games end on August 8. The Islamic Games will start in Turkey from August 10.

The PSB approved the total roster of 76 for the Islamic Games, including 45 men and 8 women, up to 21 male officials and two female officials.

For the Islamic Solidarity Games, IPC Secretary Ahmad Hanif will be the Chef de Mission while DG PSB has appointed himself as Deputy Chef de Mission.

The archery, table tennis and fencing teams were totally withdrawn from the Games while a big reduction was made in the weightlifting, wrestling, taekwondo, swimming and karate teams .

“Amazingly, on the one hand, a big reduction has been introduced in athlete participation, and on the other hand, PSB and IPC officials are all set to have another all-expenses-paid trip. Why were the athletes honored? We deserve to participate in the Games before the officials and it is our right,” said one of the athletes from the abandoned sports, contacted.

He appealed to the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) to help in the inclusion of these sports in the Islamic Games. “The POA should help us and include our sports in the Games. We can win medals in the Islamic Games because the field will not be as strong as in any other mega event.

It was only on Thursday that the POA announced that the PSB would only sponsor a contingent of 76 members for the Islamic Games.

Given the urgency of the matter, the POA convened the Executive Committee meeting on Saturday to discuss the pros and cons of the decision.

“Yes, we have convened a 30-member committee meeting on Saturday to discuss the matter which is of the utmost importance. We will examine why the PSB imposed a clean cut and why so many civil servants were brought in contingent,” a POA official said when contacted. No government official was available for comment.