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Sheikh Jahid conceals his identity, rapes a woman for more than 7 years and forces her to convert to Islam


Madhya Pradesh police on Wednesday arrested a Muslim man identified as Sheikh Jahid under the state’s anti-love jihad law for hiding his religious identity from a Hindu woman and raping her for more than 7 years. The Hindu female victim said the accused presented himself as a Brahmin and developed a sexual relationship with her. The police registered an FIR against the accused and also engaged Jahid’s brother named Sajid in the case.

According to reports, the incident reportedly happened in Shujalpur area of ​​Shajapur district, Madhya Pradesh. The woman registered an official FIR on October 26 and revealed that she had met the defendant 14 years ago and that the latter had identified himself as a Gama, belonging to the Brahmin community. The woman divorced her first marriage earlier and remained in Bhopal when she first met the accused.

The woman in the complaint said she used to work in the Airtel company to survive after her unsuccessful first marriage. She was staying with a relative in the Karaund area of ​​Bhopal where she met the accused. The accused introduced himself to the woman as a Brahmin and developed a friendship with her.

The duo later struck up a relationship and the accused entered into sexual relations with the woman after assuring her of marriage. He raped the woman for over 7 years which led to her pregnancy. The woman then forced the accused to marry her. She only learned of the defendant’s religious identity after he presented his original papers to the court when they married in court. The woman acknowledged that the man with whom she had had a relationship for so long was a Muslim resident of Dabripura area in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh.

In the complaint to police, the victim said she chose to remain silent at the time because she was carrying a child of the accused. However, after the court married and after the birth of their child, the accused began to harass the woman. He forced her to convert her religion to Islam, to offer namaz and also asked her to eat meat. If she refused, he beat her brutally.

The victim further stated that she once tried to escape from the house but was not allowed to leave. “I was fed up with the daily harassment. One day I packed my bag and left Jahid’s house. But he dragged me back. He then started bringing other girls home to have sex with after I left for my office,” she said.

According to reports, the victim contacted several Hindu organizations in the city who helped him file a complaint with the police. Members of the Hindu organization went with the woman to Shujalpur town police station and demanded strict action against the accused named Jahid. The police registered an FIR against Jahid and his brother Sajid under the relevant sections of the law. However, the police arrested Jahid and also launched a manhunt to catch Sajid. Further investigations into the case are ongoing.