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The crazy analogy of Salman Khurshid



Salman Khurshid has just published a book on Ayodhya. He made sure it would fly off the shelves as he created a controversy that he knew would hurt Hindus, living not only in India but all over the world.

In the book, he compares Hindutva to Boko Haram and ISIS. Now we all know these ultra radical Islamist organizations are killing, raping, beheading, kidnapping and capturing other religious minorities and using their wives and daughters as sex slaves and that too in the 21st century.

How can someone with a brain and historical facts compare a benign philosophy like Hinduism – Sanatam Dharma with people like ISIS, BOKO HARAM and ISIS?

But Salman Khurshid does and he makes no apologies at all.

It is at this time that Salman knows how the Islamic invaders arrived in India in the 8th century and destroyed according to their own scribes, thousands of Hindu temples and in fact killed millions of unbelievers. It was either you convert or die, or you pay taxes and live like second-class citizens. Millions of people converted and yet they lived with their Hindu brethren in a culture that accepted their beliefs.

When India was divided by Jinnah between Pakistan and India, it was totally because he said that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together. Yet in India we said no, we are secular,

and every citizen will be equal. However, can people like Salman Khurshid write today that Hindutva which is Hindu philosophy is like Boko Haram and ISIS?

This to me is not only mind boggling, but reminds me of how we in India largely want to remain secular, but how people like Salman, a dean of the Congress Party, are selling this line of RSS and of BJP being like Hitler’s. part – just like Imran Khan’s Pakistan – where he can call the Indian government all kinds of names but his own state is destroying every vintage of Hindu and Christian culture in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Maybe Salman Khurshid approves by going one step ahead of what Imran Khan says about India and Hinduism.

But the very fact that he speaks the same language as Pakistan vs India and Hindutva really scares me because he speaks on the platform of India’s oldest political party, Congress.

Can anyone imagine if Salman was in a hypothetical world, born in Pakistan as a Hindu, and said that Pakistan treated Hindus and Christians as second class citizens, I honestly don’t think he would have reached the upper echelons of a political party. But he’s lucky to have been a politician in India, he can literally abuse Hindus and their philosophy and get away with it.

In an interview with a major television station in India, he cleverly examined a few incidents of violence against Muslims committed by thugs, in an attempt to link Hindutva and the violence, but he conveniently left out the brutal rapes and murders reported by various news channels and newspapers on Hindus in West Bengal, Kerala, Kashmir.

In fact, when the news anchor asked him how Islamic radicalization had ethnically cleansed over four hundred thousand Hindu families in Kashmir from their birthplace, he simply said it had happened and had nothing to do with it. with him. But then one might wonder, as the leader of a big party in India, did you say something about it, did you try to do something for the Hindus who were driven out of Kashmir and forced to stay in conditions? horrible in refugee camps?

Even though he says it didn’t happen when Congress was in power in the 1990s, they came to power in 1991, but they did nothing. They were in power from 2004 to 2014, but they did nothing for the Hindus who had taken refuge in their own country. It is difficult for me to imagine this and to think that no political party, no NGO, no activist or no media has addressed the issue of violence and force with which, with threats and killings, the Hindu population of a state in which they had lived for 5,000 years were taken by them not by ISIS or Boko Haram but by Muslims nonetheless. I wonder what Khurshid would say about this. When questioned, he simply said that it had happened, but what is telling is that even a senior cabinet minister of Congress, he did nothing to rehabilitate the Hindu refugees in their homes. Although he had no problem with Hindus who all belong to Hindutva – which simply means – Hindu culture and philosophy – describing them with Boko Haram and ISIS.

I cannot allow him to get away with this while I am Hindutva which means knowing more about our Vedas, our amazing culture and history and the depth of knowledge we have imparted to the world.

The problem with Salman Khurshid is that India gave him everything, but he denigrates our culture and our religion. Although he was Minister of the Congress Party, he did nothing about the lynchings and killings of Hindus in Kashmir, but now he talks about Hindutva as if he can be compared to the worst of Islam. . How hypocritical is that?

I can prove to him that the greatest genocide that has ever taken place in the past eight centuries was committed against Hindus in India by Islamists in the IS mold. And these barbarians were so proud of their exploits of killing unbelievers, they actually had scribes detailing all the temples destroyed and the people killed. In a horrific passage from what the scribes wrote, I found out how they beheaded Hindus and destroyed their temples and used their skills to make a staircase to the newly installed mosque for their prayers. Salman knows all of this. So many foreign and Mughal historians have written detailed accounts of their gruesome treatment of Hindus.

Yet today he can say in his latest book that Hindutva is comparable to Boko Haram and ISIS! All I can say is that even Muslims in India will not accept his theory, neither Hindus nor even foreign governments and readers. Today, the truth is only a search on Google. Salman should have done his research carefully, but he seems convinced that Hindus in India are like ISIS and Boko Haram. Maybe he needs therapy because even everyone in his party or UP state will buy him, not even Muslims. He may try to divide us, but few will agree with his descriptions of Hindutva. The only place he will get a very willing and acceptable audience is in Pakistan, but even they won’t understand his theory.

Salman does no service to his homeland, India. He does not render any service either to his party and especially to his Hindu friends and to the people who believe in him. Rather, he tries to divide India by bringing up nonexistent comparisons and arguments. The less we hear about him, the better it is for our country.



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