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The LeBron James-Skip Bayless Interview That Never Happened


LeBron James was supposed to have an interview with his biggest media critic, Skip Bayless, in 2008. On the latest episode of “The Skip Bayless Show,” Bayless opened up about how he was feeling before the scheduled interview, saying:

“I certainly wasn’t scared to face LeBron, I certainly wasn’t dreaded to face LeBron. In fact, I was looking forward to it. I’ll say it more time. I never hated LeBron – from afar, I really liked him as a guy.

The interview was canceled and Skip Bayless was never explained why. Bayless then recalled that James had said nice things about her in the years since. Some have called Bayless her Howard Cosell.

Howard Cosell was a journalist who followed Muhammad Ali’s career, asking him tough questions about his life both in and out of the boxing ring. The two were very fond of talking and did so through pre-game and post-game talks.

However, Bayless thought the comparison was less than ideal and said:

“I enjoyed that comparison, but only up to a point.”

“LeBron, just a quick note for you. I’m sorry, you never were or ever will be in my eyes Muhammad Ali, whom I, if you remember recently, put on my all-time Mount Rushmore. LeBron no, Ali yes.

Four-time champion LeBron James is one of the most talked about superstars. Playing at 37, and at such a high level, is unheard of. Despite a disappointing season with the LA Lakers, James’ individual contribution has sparked debate over who the GOAT is.

Players with multiple FG go-aheads in the last 10 seconds in the last 5 playoffs: – Trae Young – LeBron James https://t.co/z7f1rGMApF

LeBron James has broken multiple records this season, becoming the oldest player to achieve multiple statistical milestones. However, one person who is always the first to choose Michael Jordan over James is sports analyst Skip Bayless.

Bayless has often pointed out James’ downsides as a player, especially when it comes to having a winning mentality.

Skip Bayless reiterates why he chooses Michael Jordan over LeBron James

The main reason why Bayless prefers Jordan is his ability to shut down games. According to Bayless, James avoids big game moments quite often, especially the free throw line in clutch situations.

Bayless pointed to a recent comment from Shaquille O’Neal, which indicated that no one was afraid of LeBron James. Bayless said:

“That’s the essence of my argument against LeBron and for Michael Jordan as a GOAT – is that LeBron was never basketball’s cold-blooded killer and closer than Jordan was, Kobe Bryant was or Shaq was.”

“LeBron never had that to give me the ball and get away from the closer mentality it takes to be a Jordan or a Kobe or even a Shaq.”

James doesn’t seem to care about Skip Bayless’ comments, but an interview between the two might have revealed their true feelings.

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