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The life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the best guide to securing human rights and social welfare standards: PM


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that to ensure human rights and social standards, following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the best way to achieve the goals.

Addressing a ceremony held in Islamabad to mark the full operationalization of the Rehmatul-lil-Aalameen Authority, the Prime Minister said a transformational journey towards morality and ethics would help the nation emerge as a strong entity in the world, adding that one of the main reasons for establishing the authority is to guide the younger generation on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for real success in this world and the next. -of the.

He said the last address of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the charter of human rights which emphasizes rights and responsibility towards each other.

He stressed the importance of building the character of the new generation, adding that a morally strong society does not allow the powerful and the elite to loot public money through corruption.

He mentioned that corruption leads to the downfall of a nation and regretted that society accepted corrupt practices and failed to distinguish between good and evil.

He said cases of rape and child abuse were increasing in the country, while families of victims were reluctant to report them.

He underscored the need for the involvement of various segments of society to unite against sex crimes by promoting the culture of ethics and morality.

He said that the Rehmatul-lil-Aalameen Authority has been made functional, where scholars would play their part in educating the society on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He expressed his belief that the scholars of the Council of Islamic Ideology and the International Islamic University would contribute immensely to the authority with their positive intellectual input.

He mentioned that the national health insurance card and the Ehsaas programs with foster homes and soup kitchens are the best steps towards achieving the goal of a social welfare state.

The Prime Minister also congratulated and appreciated the Chairman of the Rehmatul-lil-Aalameen Authority, Dr. Anis Ahmad, on the occasion of preparing a comprehensive roadmap which details the short, medium and long term steps. organization to achieve these goals.

He assured the President of the full support of all relevant government departments, including the Prime Minister’s Office and the Department of Education, in the authority’s efforts to implement the roadmap aimed at the formation of the the character and education of young people, the protection of the family system and the promotion of interfaith harmony.