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The Working Student – Khadijah Muhammad Kamal – Langley Park School for Girls


In Sixth Form and College, you find that many students present also have a job in addition to their A Level or BTEC courses, which raises the question of the balance between studies, work and social life.

For many students I asked the question, the main and sometimes the only positive aspect of their work was to receive their salary, which obviously allows them to be independent with their finances and not to depend on their parents. However, with all the advantages, there are disadvantages.

A student complained that her manager “rarely respects her availability.” Obviously as a student you have to be present at school at certain times of the day, but for some staff this is not their priority; their priority is to avoid understaffed shifts, not necessarily whether their staff is available or not.

In addition, another complaint was not being able to reconcile social life, professional life and studies. Working long days often leaves you tired and exhausted for most of the day, which isn’t ideal when you have to stay in school all day.

A final complaint is not having compatible staff to work with during your shift. It often happens that one person does most of the work that day, or maybe they don’t respect other workers very much, which usually affects your work experience.

In conclusion, many people I’ve spoken to don’t really see their workplace as a positive place because the main purpose of their job is salary. It’s understandable, but when they enter the working world, many don’t realize the inconvenience it creates.