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Tony Ferguson claims Belal Muhammad ‘played’ his loot


Tony Ferguson thinks Belal Muhammad has “jaded” his swag.

Ferguson recently spoke to Ariel Helwani about “MMA hourafter his knockout loss to Michael Chandler at UFC 274. During the interview, Ferguson talked about working with young fighters and how much he enjoys it.

Even if they do “jock” his style. “El Cucuy” cited top welterweight contender Belal Muhammad as a prime example. Ferguson detailed an interaction he had with Muhammad recently.

“Like Belal Muhammad,” Ferguson said. “This guy was clowning around about some of the things I was doing; my sunglasses, my workouts – and now you have this dude laughing at my booty.

“I remember we were there, I bumped into him before we got there – he was wearing his sunglasses and they weren’t on yet. They were on his shirt in front of him.

“He’s at 170 and I look at him and I think ‘Man, that would be cool to go back to 170.’ These guys are slow and stupid. At ’55 they’re a little faster.

“But he had his sunglasses on and I said to him, ‘You took dad’s sunglasses and now you’re wearing them?’

Belal Muhammad

“He’s like ‘I’m the sunglasses guy’, and I looked at him and said ‘you’ll never be the sunglasses guy’. That was the funniest shit bro. .

Maybe a move up to welterweight would be good for Ferguson. As it stands, he is currently on a four-fight losing streak, having finished in two of them. His last outing culminated in the first time in his mixed martial arts (MMA) career when he was knocked unconscious.

Michael Chandler nailed Ferguson with a front kick to the face that chilled him. Now Ferguson will have to dust off and regroup on his next outing in the Octagon – when that happens.

Things are looking much better for Muhammad, who is on a seven-fight winning streak (1 NC) at 170 pounds. He is currently the No. 5 ranked welterweight in the UFC.

The 33-year-old may be just one big win away from challenging Kamaru Usman for the welterweight throne.

What do you think of Tony Ferguson accusing Belal Muhammad of “joking” with his style? Would you like to see him jump up to welterweight? Sound off in the comments!